December 23, 2019 Chiara

Why is social media important for restaurants?

We all know how restaurants were being promoted in the last 20+ years – it was through using word of mouth, advertising in the paper or radio, standing outside of the restaurant handing out menus or discount coupons. Well, that time is swiftly changing and is and has completely changed in most big cities. Some business owners still want to use these practices, that’s their choice, but restaurant owners must know that their competitors are already on the next level. Especially new restaurants or restaurants opening up another location.  

Of course, old practices still work, but please ask yourself how efficient they are? One thing we can tell you is that there are more efficient and cheaper ways of growing your number of new customers, two of these ways are getting involved with SEO and Social media. 

You already know how social media monopolized the internet, but have you ever thought about how you can use this tool to your restaurant’s advantage? If you’re not sure, please take 3-4 minutes to read this article.

We will share some of the main reasons about “Why is social media important for restaurants?” We’ve listed below the benefits that a restaurant can get, once it is utilizing social networks.

1. Social Media Improves Trust and Loyalty

One of the main reasons why customers choose a restaurant is trust. They want to be sure that the quality of your services and of your food is consistent and the best. On social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, your visitors should be encouraged to leave reviews and build your business transparency. 

Once your customers’ experience is visible to others on your social networks, through photos and reviews, you’ll have increased customer loyalty and your chances for potential customers to trust (and go to) you are higher.


2. Brand advocacy

Did you know that food is the most photographed subject on Instagram? Well, imagine what a big advantage Instagram offers your restaurant! There is no better way to build brand advocacy than to have customers post pictures of their food, tag their friends which all generates a buzz around your restaurant.

3. Affordability

Let’s face it, the old forms of advertising are pricey, and small restaurants may not even be able to afford them. For example, radio, billboards and commercials… , It’s almost 2020, why not use a more effective and cheaper way of promoting your restaurant? Even if you choose to invest in your business and pay for ads on Facebook or Instagram, they’re still cheaper and more effective than most of the other forms of advertising – the game has just changed and people need help changing it for their business.

4. Stay connected

Social media platforms give you the chance to be closer to your customers. Actively communicating with your customers in online communities and groups, and by actively using hashtags on both Twitter and Facebook, you are going to raise brand awareness and your brand will start to get noticed and discovered.

5. Updates on time

On social media your customers can be always up to date about your holiday hours, events, what is new in your menu and other information that can be useful for them. Give your clients the chance to know about your activity. 

In conclusion, we want to mention once again, your appearance in social media is required nowadays. So, be smart and use this tool in your advantage.

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These are some of the main points that every restaurant should have on their site. However, there are many more things that you could include, for example, blog posts, videos or sample recipes. 

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