April 21, 2020 Emma

5 Reasons Why Your Hair Salon Needs A Strong Online Presence

For hair and beauty salons, having an online presence can be what determines if customers find, choose and refer your salon to a friend, or not. When people go online to look for a service or product, they usually start with a quick Google search. There’s a high chance of people choosing your salon if you make yourself visible in the top local google search results. If they can’t find you, they won’t consider you.

We at Mamma strongly believe that every hair salon needs a strong online presence and that it’s one of the best salon marketing strategies a salon can have to increase it’s traffic, appointments, revenue and customer loyalty. Portraying your salon properly online is MUCH easier than you think and really worth it given the huge ROI. Also, how proudly you’ll look at your website (your baby) and social media accounts when they’ve been turned around by a professional team of designers and content marketeers. 

As a relevant example, a similar transformation would be one of your best hair colourists applying their magic on an older client’s hair after over two months of regrowth, transforming those grey roots to a beautiful summer blonde.

Here are our 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait a minute longer with building your hair salons online presence.

It helps you stand out and gain visibility

When someone is looking through Google for what hair salon to book an appointment with, your content is important. People want to see quality! Start producing content that provides customers with real value.

When  planning  content  for social media, many salons get caught in the trap of focusing on quantity rather than quality. People look at your photos to see how good your stylists are, what the salon atmosphere is like, the interior of the salon, products you use and more. The content you post can be the difference in a potentially loyal customer picking your salon, or not.

Posting quality content will gain you more loyal followers that interact more with your posts, which in turn means more visibility. Hair salons need an online presence but they also need to ensure that the content they produce reflects the brand they are. For example if your salon is focused on organic products and services, you want this to be clear and seen in your content throughout. 

It's the modern word of mouth

People no longer ask their friends and family for advice on products and services. Instead they turn to the internet where they read the reviews of other customers, look at pictures on your website, social media activity and maybe even awards that the business has won. Studies show that 76% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

People care about how they look! They’ll definitely spend those 5-10 minutes doing research to find the “best hair salon nearby” if it’s gonna get them excellent service and a fabulous look. 

Hairdressers have the advantage of doing work that gives people visible results. Posting “before and after” pictures on your salon’s social media gives people insights into the style, specialities and skills of the hairdresser, this can be what attracts new customers to the salon. 

Hairdressers have loyal customers and receive a lot of positive feedback. Studies show that If you ask a happy customer to write a review, 8 out of 10 times, they will. Having those reviews online will work wonders when other people are making their judgement about your salon. Ask your clients politely to give you a rating on google maps or facebook to get their word posted online. 

Word of mouth is now online, if somebody asks one of your customers  “do you know a good hair salon? They’ll say, “yeah, I’ve been going to one for years, check out their website or instagram, they post all their stuff there….” And THAT, our hairdresser friends, is a new and potentially loyal customer!

A strong online presence is cost-effective with a huge ROI

Maintaining a strong online presence for salons is a lot of work. There will be days when you have lots of inspiration and ideas for social media posts and days when nothing comes to mind. However, all the time that you invest into building your website, creating content and answering reviews will have a huge return on investment (ROI). Every new follower, review, subscriber or person that finds your website through a Google search is a new potential customer that might remain loyal to you for years… 

People are more likely to refer your salon to a friend if they’re proud about being your customer given you have a wonderful online presence that lives up to the expectations and service you offer.

As a quick test, do a local search as if you were a potential customer, what salon would you pick in your local area? Start with “hair salon in (your area name)” and look at all the salons from the top until you’ve found one you trust. Big question, did you even consider the salons after 10th rank or page 2 of search results?

If you need a professional kick-start to developing a strong online presence, we start off the process with a completely free competitor analysis to show you what your top two local competitors are doing to be beating you regarding the online presence.

We specialize in helping salons build, develop and maintain a strong online presence, check out our recommended services below, subscribe to our newsletter or read through our other blogs written to help salons with the fruitful world of online.

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Establish credibility and trust

A strong online presence helps a salon build trust and credibility with new, potential and loyal customers. People appreciate and feel connected with brands who are transparent, personal and active on their website and social media. To build trust with customers, salons can do various things such as personally reply to reviews, record videos on the phone for social media from a typical day inside the salon, create a “meet the team” section on their website, encourage the team to post their work on social media, write blogs about hair care , send out newsletters and more! 

Think about it, if you were looking for a new hair salon to go to, would you rather see the quality of service offered by the salon, the salon experience and proof of their work OR go blindly to a salon with barely any portrayal of the experience or their stylists?

Your online reviews  can make or break a potential customer’s decision. People that are deciding what hair salon to go to are not only reading customer’s reviews but also the response from salons. Everytime you reply to a review, it’s very important that you come across like you genuinely care and not just “thanks for the review, can’t wait to see you again…” No. 

Show that their opinion is important to you. When you are responding to the feedback with a thoughtful, personal response, it shows customers and potential customers reading the reviews that you do care about your customers opinion, experience and satisfaction. 

Show your creativity to a wider audience

Portraying your salon online allows you to show your creativity to a wider audience! Having a well designed website is one of the main factors that will determine the first impression customers get from your salon, which plays a big part in them choosing your salon (or not). First impressions are everything, you know that…

Truth is, you don’t need to pay for expensive ads for people to find and engage with your website. Well written content and active posting will quickly get you ranking higher and customers finding you. If this strategy is done correctly, you’ll be appearing in top search results organically after a few months, and you’ll stay there for as long as you take your hair salon’s online presence seriously. 

Our team has always tried to make business owners aware that if you’re ranking in the top 3 organically, an unbelievable amount of people will see your salon compared to if you are ranking between 5-10 or even worse, past 10th. Over 85% of people don’t scroll past top 10... 

Don’t give your salon a bad image or reputation just because the things you do online don't match the same standard as the work you do in the salon.  

Whether your hair salon's online presence is already well established  or you’re just getting started, knowing what other people within the industry are doing is a great way to learn what you can do to reach similar results. At Mamma we offer Hairdressers a completely FREE competitor analysis to help salon owners understand what their top local competitors are doing to be in the top 3-5 local search results, and what your salon must do in order to compete online.. Simply send us two of your local competitors and within 48 hours we’ll send you the in-depth report, full of insights, with a comparison of your salon to these competitors! 

Happy marketing! 😊

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