December 16, 2019 Emma

Why a construction company needs an online presence

As a contractor whose clients usually come from previous customers’ recommendation and word of mouth, you may not see the point of investing to much into digital marketing for your construction or renovation company. Still, a lot of your competitors have one. Why do you think they did it?

For those who don’t find about you by word of mouth, if you are not available through Google, you may as well not be at all. You simply do not exist for the man who just moved to the town and wants to renovate his kitchen. He is new and has no friends around to tell him about your work. When he searches online for the types of services that you offer, he does not find your company there, so he hires the one he found. 

Also, remember that even if someone recommends you, the new clients would still feel more comfortable and safe with you as a business if they can see a tangible presence online. Maybe there search for you is driven by curiosity to see what you did. You don’t have to have a complex and complicated website though. The address and contact details, several professional photos serving as examples of your work, some positive reviews and a nice description of what you do and where (in which city and area) would be sufficient.

Here are the benefits of having a good website and an engaging social media presence:

  • Customers Easily Find You – only by typing on Google your type of services, they will find you. Your renovation website or construction website will come up to welcome them.  This, of course, increases the chances that they will also contact you.
  • Reach More Clients – you are no longer limited by the recommendation of your previous clients; by having a functional and nice-looking website, you can attract even people who have never heard of you before. If you post interesting photos on Social Media (before and after shots), they can be shared by your followers and seen by people whom you would hardly reach otherwise.
  • Build Credibility – you can use your website and social media accounts as ways to show your portfolio, your works, photos showing the before and after the renovations. Therefore, you show them your proof of quality. By seeing this, people feel more secure, they feel like they can trust you because you already proved them what you can do and how amazing a room can look after you work at it.
  • Review and Testimonials management88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. When you finish a renovation, ask the customer to write a review on your website. This way, potential clients gain more trust in your business, as they see that there were other people who guarantee for your quality. 
  • Brand business card – given your brand makes your construction company different from your competitors, the online world offers you the opportunity to express your brand properly. Your offline quality can be portrayed online. It’s not hard to do through posts on Social Media.
  • Be closer to the clients, 24/7 – a website for your construction or renovation company does not work only from 9 to 17, it works non-stop. People can go there anytime to see your work and to find out how to contact you. You can also add useful features like the chat/fill out form section, that gives the viewer the possibility to write a question directly to you. The Facebook Chat is very useful for that as well.
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These are some of the main points that every restaurant should have on their site. However, there are many more things that you could include, for example, blog posts, videos or sample recipes. 

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