Design and Build

How it Works

Your website is where everything you do online connects.

Users’ experience of your website must show them the level of service that your business delivers to happy, loyal customers.

A website that intelligent design and functionalities with the best SEO practices is guaranteed to get you great visibility, no matter the size of your business. To capitalise on that exposure, you need to make sure the user experience on your website is flawless. We build a website that truly represents your brand while applying all the SEO practices which ensure high online visibility.

And we don’t stop there - We continuously strive to improve the user experience of our clients’ websites.

By tracking users’ actions and other analytics, we find ways to improve websites over a period of three to six months to achieve maximum conversion rates and reduced bounce rates. Conversion rates are when a user’s visit results in a booking, purchase or contact request, and the bounce rate is the percentage of users who exit your website.

We take care of monthly maintenance, to make sure everything is kept in pristine working condition.

Our Process

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1. Researching

At the outset, our team researches what functions and features should be on the website. These elements depend on the business’s brand, industry trends and what works for the top local and/or national competitors.

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2. initial Consultation

After our initial website consultation, we assemble a website design brief to show how it will look and feel. We also provide a functionality brief that proposes what functionalities the website will have.

Our websites are built, optimised and designed with lots of creativity and personalisation for every type of business.

The websites we develop function properly on all devices. Our process of building and creating them is structured so that everyone is happy and our time is used productively.

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3. Design and Build

Once the proposed work is approved, our team designs and builds the site. The entire process takes between three to six weeks, depending on the level of work required.

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4. Maximising Results

When the new website is live, our analytics, development and design teams come together to make small but important amendments to the site maximise the conversion rates of visitors and reduce bounce rates.


Get in touch for a consultation to discuss your brand’s requirements, goals and vision for your website.


Get in touch for a consultation to discuss your brand’s requirements, goals and vision for your website.