Website Design & Build

Our websites are built, optimized and designed with lots of creativity and personalisation to each business. Our process of building and designing websites is structured so that everyone is happy, and that we lose no time.


Our Process:

Our team does the initial research into what functions and features should be on the website according to the business’s brand, research into industry trends and what is working for the top local and/or national competitors.

After our initial website consultation, we draw up a website design brief to show what it will look and feel like, along with a functionality brief that proposes what functionalities the website will have.

Once approved, our team designs and builds the site. The entire process takes between three to five weeks, depending on the level of work that goes into it.

When the new website is live, our analytics, developer and design teams come together to make tweaks to the site in order to maximise conversion rates of visitors on the site.