Data Analytics & Tracking

Our team of web developers analyse the interactions of users on a client’s website. We consistently improve our client’s websites based on the real data provided by real users on the site. We analyse user actions such as how long they spend on a page, what links/pages they click on, what page they opt out of the website, etc.

We constantly monitor the website to ensure high conversion rates by making the necessary changes based on the real data from users.

For businesses who plan on taking their online efforts to the next level with advertising and marketing, this service is vitally important. In the months before (and during) advertising and/or marketing, we collect data from users through pixels. This is beneficial for our team because the more data we have, the more accurate we will be in targeting potential customers with advertising and marketing efforts.

When advertising and marketing efforts are being made, having highly converting landing pages, websites and other platforms is very important. We’ll constantly monitor the performance and actions of users on these pages to ensure the highest conversion rates possible.

On your website, social media accounts and other pages, we install tracking pixels so that when the business decides to start advertising or marketing, there will already be a pool of users who have already visited the website.