Ultimate Guide

to Digital Marketing
for a Hair Salon

This guide is dedicated to salons of all digital experience levels who want to build a more effective online presence. We’ve broken it into sections, so feel free to skip around and find the resources that will serve you best.

mamma marketing hair salon guide

At this stage of the modern digital age, it’s a no brainer that businesses should be online. Your salon probably already has a website and an Instagram, if not other accounts as well. Nevertheless, it’s important to take a step back and remind yourself why you took your salon online in the first place.

  1. > Is your online presence serving all the functions you envisioned?
  2. > Could it be optimised to do even more for your business?
  3. > Do you generate a lot of new customers from online?
    > Do your clients compliment you on the emails you send or social media posts?

The Basics

mamma marketing 5 steps

First Steps

Before we delve into specifics, make sure you’ve read our post detailing the first steps to having a basic online presence. It covers steps which are frequently overlooked in favor of flashier media, such as registering your business online.

Additionally, take the time to familiarize yourself with the 5 pillars of an online presence. Our team of salon marketing experts have developed this easy-to-understand formula for an online presence that engages staff and clients while generating a high ROI.

Three Necessary Tasks

Now that we’ve identified the basic concepts, it’s time to dive into the essential elements of an online presence that will help you gain exposure, establish credibility and create value. Although your presence will span multiple platforms, each facet is interconnected and should support your overarching goal by playing a distinct role in the decision-making process of a customer. There are plenty of avenues to explore, but three areas you must focus on are:


Social Media


Here are our best resources for understanding how each of these fits into a salon’s digital strategy and how you can perfect them. Grab your hard hats, and let’s build an online presence!


Your website is like your storefront, a customer’s first introduction to your salon. And what do you do if a store is falling into disrepair? Strengthen the beams and give it a fresh coat of paint. Sophisticated designs that communicate your professionalism and the atmosphere of your salon go a long way in creating the positive first impression that all businesses need. Once you have set the mood, think about what information customers might be seeking and ensure that your site is easily navigable, with sections introducing your team, describing your services and listing prices.

Read how a website improves foot traffic for a salon for more information about the impact of a strong website.

Your website is also crucial because it allows you to unlock the benefits of SEO (search engine optimisation). When customers search for salons in their area, you need to be at the top of the results page. Optimising your website using keywords and blog posts can help you get there.

To understand why SEO is so important, read: 

> What Is SEO and How Can a Hair Salon Benefit From It?
> Why it’s crucial to be found in the top three search results
> How ranking high on google search increases salon revenue

And if you’re ready to start improving your ranking, check out our SEO how-to guide.

Lastly, your website can be repurposed as a fabulous online shop. Covid-19 has certainly demonstrated the value of maintaining multiple sources of revenue, so now might be the time to start selling products and at-home kits if you aren’t already.

Read how to display hair products online for free for our advice on how to do so.

Social Media

If your website is your storefront, social media is a glimpse inside your salon. It’s an opportunity to show the quality of your work, the personality of your team and the level of your customer service. Your social media is where customers will come if they have discovered your salon or been referred but need an extra push to convince them that you are the one. 

Read why social media is important for a salon.

Of course, the main goal of social media is to turn awareness into revenue. With a well-considered, data-driven strategy, your social media can do exactly that, funneling more traffic to both your salon and your online shop.

Read how an engaging social media increases salon revenue.


You’ve built the best structure possible, inside and out, but there’s one missing element: the group of upbeat customers who just tried and loved your salon and are now congregating out front, their boisterous praises piquing the interest of passersby. Reviews are central to customer decision-making (just think of the last time you checked a star rating on Google) and excellent for credibility. Furthermore, the way you respond to them, especially negative ones, demonstrates the character of your business and your emotional investment in your clients.

Read how reviews impact online visibility and decision making

We understand that employees can sometimes feel uncomfortable asking clients for reviews, but approaching the right people at the right times can make the process easy and natural for everyone involved.

Read how to generate reviews seamlessly for some tips and tricks

How reviews impact online visibility and decision making >

How to generate reviews seamlessly >


You may understand where to share content and why it’s important to do so, but what about the content itself? Truth be told, there is no pre-packaged plan for successful content. In fact, the most rewarding (and cheapest) content a salon can post on social media or on their website comes from within; it should be authentic and spontaneous. Fun clips from a day at the salon, a humorous advertising campaign one of your stylists thought of, a repost of one of your clients’ photos—this is the sort of material your followers want. Make the content only you can offer.

Indeed, one of the best ways to create engaging content like this is to involve your stylists more. They know the salon best and are an amazing source of inspiration and creativity. For advice on getting the whole team involved online, take a quick look at our printable PDF on social media tips for hairdressers.

Format is also important. In 2020, for example, users are eager to see more videos. If you want to add another social media trick to your arsenal, check out our post on how to take advantage of Instagram highlights.


“Social media tips for hairdressers”


With Covid-19 disrupting the salon industry all over the world, there has been lots of talk about health and safety guidelines, but what about online guidelines?

Our team of salon experts have been trying to do our part in response to this, given that online efforts have never been so important for communicating with clients, client engagement and ultimately their loyalty. Here are a few blogs that may be of some help.

Conclusion: Capacity Building

It may seem like a lot to handle at first, but each part of the online presence is important: website, SEO, social media, reviews, and, most of all, authentic content. However, once you devote time to capacity building in each of these areas, you will notice that the whole system becomes easier to manage.

– Better content makes posting on social media easier
– Receiving more reviews can boost your SEO
– Optimizing your website for SEO will attract more visitors, whom you can, in turn, redirect to your social media

As the cycle of mutual reinforcement continues, your online presence will only grow more robust.

Once it does, you can begin experimenting with new marketing tactics such as:

– Monthly newsletters
– Special offers
– Live video
– Social media advertising
– Influencer marketing

Ultimately, the key to an effective online presence is to continuously monitor your efforts, experimenting and readjusting for maximum efficiency.

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