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Dance Academy in Galway

Rising to the occasion. A successful dance studio responding to a need to reach their online potential. We designed their new website, helped improve their Google search ranking, promoted online classes and automated several parts of their online presence.


Luxury bedding in Wicklow

Like so many businesses, they’re moving into the online marketplace to grow their brand and meet the moment. We designed their new website in March and they’re already taking their first ever order through online, and not just in Ireland.


“I would absolutely recommend Mamma! Great service; professional, effective and super communication. I love the blogs, marketing and website. I feel like they really understand the tone of who I am and what I am trying to achieve.”


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    Consultation Call

In order to understand your business and its needs, we first set up a consultation call to listen as well as to offer our advice and expertise. Feel free to give us a call at 087 905 8529.

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    Customised Proposal is Sent

After our initial call, we’ll tailor and send a proposal of services to suit your specific requirements.

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    Application Assistance

Once you are happy with the proposal, we will assist you with the whole application – streamlining the process and giving you the best chance of being approved.

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