December 23, 2019 Emma

The Benefits of an Online Presence for a Restaurant

Imagine someone searches for a certain type of restaurant in your area or city. Put yourself in the shoes of that potential customer and see if you can find your restaurant in the top five search results when you search for your type of restaurant. 

If you are in the top five, look at your content and information and, objectively, think about whether you would decide to go to your restaurant.

If you’re not in the top five for certain keyword searches that should be displaying your restaurant, over 85% of people will not be seeing — and so considering — you.

Instead of a tourist looking in the window and reading your menu outside, they (and the younger ones, especially!) are now online looking at your website, photos, videos, reviews and more. The younger generations are discerning and make quick decisions.

By building an online presence for your restaurant, you’ll keep up with the local competition, increase your restaurant’s exposure, and you’ll start benefiting from inexpensive and time-saving online features that attract millennials and other people to your restaurant. Here are a few tangible reasons why your restaurant needs an online presence and the many benefits of having one:

Customers Can Easily Find You

Customers live online and make many of their buying decisions there, too. The same rules apply to restaurants; if your restaurant is in the top 3 search results on Google, your chances of gaining new customers as a result is hugely increased. Your customers live online, so should your business!

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Build Credibility

Your online word of mouth is just as important as your offline (local) word of mouth. People want to see proof that your restaurant provides a high-quality experience and the best way to show that is through your website, reviews, photos and social media content.

Reach More Clients

Have you ever thought about how other restaurants managed to get lots of clients like tourists or students who are not familiar with the area? Ever ask yourself how and why this is happening? Well, here’s the answer! These restaurants have a strong online presence which helps potential customers make their decision online based on the reviews, photos and information provided!

Review Management


Once you’re online, people can easily see what your customers say about you. It’s not news that positive customer reviews can attract lots of new clients, but are you aware of how to properly deal with bad reviews?  If a negative review is responded to properly, it will not have a huge impact on a potential customer’s decision. On the other hand, if the review garners no response, then this will reflect your restaurant in a negative light. A good system for managing reviews leads to a better and more trustworthy reputation, both online and offline.



Increase Your Brand Awareness

Given that your brand makes your restaurant different from your competitors’, the online world offers you the opportunity to express and portray your restaurant’s brand properly. An attractive and intuitive website with active content on social media and reviews, along with high visibility, are the key fundamentals for a strong online presence and brand for your restaurant.

Build Relationships With Your Customers

What better place is there to build a relationship with your customers than online? Social media is the perfect channel for engaging with your customers, humanizing your brand and being present in the daily lives of your customers and target audience.

Effective management of social media, website, reviews and blogs for restaurants attracts more customer engagement and customer loyalty, drawing in new clients, and establishing your brand’s voice online. Online channels have taken over word of mouth. It’s time to jump on board the online train!

If you’re considering investing in your business and it’s long term goals, get in contact with us! Our team will write up a local competitor report to show you what your business has to do in order to lead the online race in your local area.

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These are some of the main points that every restaurant should have on their site. However, there are many more things that you could include, for example, blog posts, videos or sample recipes. 

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