Stage One

Being found on google first,
Being chosen before competitors is next

We make this happen in stage one. Your reviews and photos are critical for decision making. The website design, mobile version of the site and a few other basics are taken care of in this stage.

5-12 Weeks

Results within
2-6 Weeks

Step 1

Quick Fixes

Upon starting work, we list out all the quick yet crucial fixes to be done first with accurate timelines. You may already be aware of some of these.

Step 2

Website Design

It’s something you should be proud of, and want to show your friends (mobile and desktop). We design the mock-up of what we propose, once approved it takes us 3-6 weeks to build depending on the size.

Step 3

Visibility & SEO

When you’re found on Google, you’re being considered. If you’re not on the first page, you’re not being considered. The only way is up when SEO is done correctly.

Step 4


While the above is being done, we show you results via reports every step of the way. We believe in being fully transparent in each step. Results are what makes business owners happy.

See how some of our clients are doing

We work with all types of small businesses


Stage one steps are once off services. They just have to be done properly.

The price usually ranges from:

€700 - €1700

Add Ons

To improve results, we create videos! Videos are the cherry on top when it comes to social media and SEO. Photographers and videographers can visit your business too if you’re looking for complete professionalism. Take a stroll through our other add ons, and feel free to ask us any questions!

All of our clients follow the same steps and stages