June 13, 2020 Alice

Social Media Tips for Hairdressers

Involving your stylists and staff in your salon’s marketing efforts can be challenging. However, we know that having your staff on the same page can help to deliver favorable content that can be used for your salon’s social outreach as well as optimizing profits for any given marketing strategy. Aside from the salon itself, stylists benefit greatly from improved social media content that, with the help of our marketing, can aid in filling up their appointment schedule. To help your team reap these benefits, we have curated this selection of social media tips for hairdressers.

Understanding the value

Images showing real customers or employees using products and pictures with faces get a whopping 30% and 38% more engagement, respectively. (Source: Phorest.com) 

71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. (Source: Ambassador)

Why is Instagram important for hairdressers?

Instagram has changed the way people make decisions when it comes to booking a stylist. Now more than ever, people will look online for examples of a stylist’s work before taking the plunge. 

For a real-life example, a mother called a salon we represent to ask which stylist they would recommend for a specific service. The decision-making process didn’t stop there. Once the receptionist recommended a stylist, the mother asked for their Instagram handle. As soon as the receptionist shared this information, the mother hung up, researched the stylist’s work on Instagram, and then called back within three minutes to confirm the appointment. 

This is just one specific example of many similar situations that happen every time someone has to find a new stylist. If you’re not posting on Instagram, you’re at a clear disadvantage!

I have a website, is that enough?

It used to be before social media became a “thing.” Although it’s great to have a website that you can design entirely to fit your tastes, most people aren’t going to know the name of your website offhand. However, most people already know Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, as these are high-traffic sites people visit every day. Positioning yourself the right way on these platforms will help raise awareness of your work, website, and existence!

Should I have separate Instagram accounts, one for work and one for personal?

This is entirely up to you at the end of the day. However, we do recommend that you combine your personal and work photos onto one Instagram account for all to see. It’s true that potential customers want to see your work on social media; on the other hand, you also want to influence them into following you. 

The best hairdresser Instagram accounts weave personality into their profiles. A healthy mix of work-related content and personal, authentic value is the right recipe for gaining new followers and booking appointments.

People are more likely to consider following you because of who you are as a person.

Potential clients are more likely to book with you if they can instantly get a feel for who you are and the expert work you create.

Do the number of followers I have matter?

No, what does matter is the content you post and how often you do so. People inquiring today would rather see work you’ve done recently rather than work you did last year.

Should I set up my Instagram account as a business or personal profile?

Although it’s not a dealbreaker, we do recommend that you set it up as a business profile. Not only will you be able to see key insights and metrics for your posts, but you’ll also be able to create actionable buttons for your clients to book with you.

By setting up your Instagram as a business account, you can have buttons like “call,” “email” or “get directions.” This gives anyone looking to book with you another easy way to do so.

Here’s how you can set up your instagram as a business account.

  • How do I make sure I’m posting the right content?

There isn’t a concrete answer to this question; however, you should find out what kind of pictures your salon’s marketing partner is going to post that month. This will usually tie into any kind of promotions the salon is driving awareness towards.

For instance, your salon might be pushing a product sale this month to increase retail volume. This would mean that you, as the stylist, should post images relevant to this promotion.

A good example would be posting a picture of a client with finished styling holding the product your salon is promoting.

Another example would be a time-lapse video of you applying the product to your hair in a “how-to” fashion.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to post what feels personable to keep the authentic value on your Instagram. Social media marketing is most effective for hairdressers when content is organic and credible. 

  • What hashtags should I use?

Hashtags are a huge driving force behind people naturally discovering your page. While it may seem rough trying to choose the best ones – the possibilities are literally endless! – there are a few tips and tricks you can use to maximize your engagement.

Start simple – is this post showcasing a client after you’ve given them a cut? #haircut is the obvious first choice. From there, get more granular: #menshaircut, #blondehaircut, etc. You want a healthy mix of general and specific hashtags to bring in both people who know exactly what they’re looking for, and people who are browsing with no clear goal in mind.

Hashtags of specific product names and brands used are always great to include as well – not only will fans of these worldwide brands find your work because of it, sometimes the brands themselves will take notice and like, comment, or even repost your work.

Your salon should have at least one brand hashtag as well – something like #yoursalonnamehere. This helps in both directions: people browsing your photos will be directed to the salon where you work, and people exploring your salon’s hashtag will stumble upon your work. Win-win!

  • How do I increase my chances of being published onto the salon’s Instagram?

This is a good question because although you’re working at a salon who is investing in digital marketing, it doesn’t mean that you’re being marketed personally. Every effort made online is to promote the salon and its success, but it’s here on social media that you have a chance to shine!

When building awareness and generating traffic to the salon’s website and physical location, social media is the central hub where all potential clients look in order to gauge the level of expertise and style the salon’s team has to offer.

You can increase your chances of being published on the salon’s Instagram and Facebook by tagging the salon in your images, DMing the salon on Instagram, and/or emailing us directly so your photos are getting the attention they deserve.

If you feel you’re posting often and aren’t getting the publicity you’d like, reach out to us by any one of those means and one of our social media specialists will respond. 

Our goal and objective is to highlight every stylist as often as we can, with every post made.

  • How do I get my clients involved?

Getting your clients to participate is just as important as posting your own content. It is your existing clients who will bring in most of your bookings and referrals throughout your long and healthy career. Because of this, we want to help your clients feel as special as you make them feel everytime they sit in your chair.

The beauty behind asking your clients to post a photo of their look on their own Instagram, and tag you is that they’re probably already doing it!

We’ve found that clients are more than happy to send their stylists photos of themselves at events they’ve attended or hosted, just after getting their hair done. Whether they post it on their own Instagram or not, it would be a great strategy to post these images on your account for other potential clients to see. (Given that you like the photos they send you.)

This helps not only to keep your clients involved and happy, but also increases your opportunities to be seen and chances of obtaining new clients that like your work!

  • Ask for permission

Every time you do post a photo showcasing your work on a client, always ask permission to tag them before posting. It should be a goal of yours to always tag every photo that showcases your work so that people visiting your profile can see that these people are real and that you are being authentic.

Most people will say yes. By asking for permission, you are expanding your outreach, increasing appointments, and developing lasting relationships with your current customers.

There are those who would rather not be tagged but may still allow you to post.

We recommend that you go ahead and post the picture even without anyone to tag, as it still showcases your work.


Working with a digital marketing partner like us, it’s important that you as the stylist understand the type of content that our company is looking for when selecting images to promote on the salon’s business Instagram.

Here’s what you need to know –

Our process:

– We look at the salon’s visual identity. What kind of images are shown and what is the overall vibe of the salon.

– We look at the target demographic – age and interests are usually the two main determining factors upon which we base the salon’s targeting efforts.

– We begin curating – Our team of experts then scour through each stylist’s Instagram and website portfolio to start selecting images that work cohesively on an artboard, and that match the salon’s visual identity and current promotions.

– Popular hashtags – Our team searches through resurfacing hashtags to find content as well, not only from the stylists and staff, but also from existing customers.

If you ever have questions and want to be updated on the current promotions and digital marketing strategies in place with your salon, feel free to contact us directly!

We understand how significant it is to keep in contact with your salon’s digital marketing partner and to stay abreast of active strategies. With this in mind, we want to be there to help hairdressers improve their marketing strategies and create success every step of the way.

You can reach out at any time and we’ll be more than happy to assist.