Social Media Management

Social media improves customer loyalty, traffic and engagement online. Social media is impactful on customer loyalty, however, it’s useful for attracting new customers too.

More people make their buying decisions online rather than asking around or visiting the business to inspect it. When a potential customer is online making a buying decision, (s)he scans through either or all of the following: reviews, social media and website. On these platforms, your business must be portrayed in the best possible way. It should be consistent, relevant and engaging so that people can get a feel for the business before they visit. 

We take care of all aspects of relevant social media and reviews. 

Our team of Mammas are:

  • Posting daily on Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, YouTube, Twitter & more
  • Monitoring and replying to comments (daily)

Actively updating photos that customers will be looking at

When it comes to developing the voice of a brand within an industry, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. There is, however, a certain standard that has to be maintained for the relevant business or industry.

When a potential customer researches the business online, they need to back up their decision by looking at relevant posts, good photos, other clients’ reviews and activity on the social newsfeeds. 

Examples of businesses that would benefit from active social media accounts include bars, restaurants, cafés, hair salons, dentists, tour guide companies and many others.

Social media posts