June 16, 2020 Emma

Social Media Ideas for Salons Posting About Covid-19 Changes

Let’s cut right to the chase: your salon is reopening and you need to let people know what to expect from their visit under these new conditions. What should you post and where? At Mamma, we specialize in working with hair salons online, and today we’re going to share some social media ideas for salons that are trying to navigate this difficult time. 

Without further ado, here are three essentials to include in your posting schedule before and during your reopening. 

Sharing Key Information and Covid-19 Updates

People are growing weary of reading Covid-19 fine print. It is essential to release a full statement regarding your health and safety measures, but social media may not be the right place to do so. Your website/blog would likely be more appropriate; just include this link in your social bio. In addition, you can send emails to your clients to inform them of how you plan to keep them safe. To share updates in a more engaging way on social media, you can create a short video to demonstrate the new client experience at your salon, showcasing each safety measure you have implemented through a short tour. 

Start at the door: remind clients that they should wear a mask and show them where you have installed hand sanitizer dispensers. Moving into the salon, get some shots of your rearranged space—a minimalist waiting room, spaced out chairs, plexiglass barriers (if you have them), etc. 

Once you have addressed all the material changes in the salon, you can also cover some procedural changes. How will stations be cleaned between each client? Should clients wait until they have been called to enter the salon? What is your stance on bringing in personal items? What payment method will clients be expected to use? 

This might seem like a lot of information, but quality editing will more likely than not keep the video under two minutes. As far as formats go, a visual representation of the changes you have made is the most effective and versatile means of communicating with your clients (this holds for all salon marketing efforts, actually, not just Covid-19 updates). You can post your video on all social media platforms and embed it in emails. 

Information About How to Book Appointments

Have you recently adopted a new booking system to help you space out appointments and maintain social distancing? Let clients know about it too! Post regularly about how they can get in line and rebook their treatments with you.

If you are looking for a bit more engagement, you can try announcing in more creative ways. Run a poll on Instagram or Twitter about what clients are most excited for. Include questions in your captions. Bring back old hair transformation highlights to get your clients excited for their next great hair day. As long as you are including key information about how to book, don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun.

A Little Reassurance and a Little Love

Lastly, keep things simple with a wholesome post about how excited you are to see your clients again! Perhaps some of them have supported you by paying for their booking in advance or by buying gift vouchers and products. Let them know that you appreciate these efforts and provide information about how they can continue to support you. 

Your clients, especially regulars, don’t just miss your skill. They miss you, period. And they will be glad to hear some good news.

Communicate with Clients Who Are Not on Social Media

You probably weren’t expecting to see this point in an article about social media communication, but it’s equally important to remember that not all your clients use social networks, especially older ones. This doesn’t mean you need to leave them in the dark. Firstly, you can include a page on your website about the changes you’ve made, perhaps even embedding your videos and social posts. Secondly, you can use email marketing to get in touch with your entire contact list directly. We have an entire post on ways to use email marketing constructively, but you should at minimum send out a quick newsletter describing the “new normal” at your salon.  

We hope you found these salon social media ideas helpful. Have a safe reopening and reunion!

Our team specialises in building and maintaining a hair salon’s online presence. High-quality websites and social media are great assets at the best of times, but they are especially useful in a post-lockdown world. If you are seeking to improve your digital strategy, individually or with the support of a team, get in touch for a free consultation and we will let you know how we can help.

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