April 3, 2020 Emma

How To Sell Gift Vouchers Online

Hairdressers, beauticians and nail artists are all out of work as salons remain closed. Staying at home and keeping a safe distance from other people has become the new normal. During this difficult time It’s essential that salons can still generate an income. Although many salon owners receive financial aid, it’s often not enough to cover all the costs of running a salon.

If you are a salon owner and you’re worried about how your salon can make money during this difficult time, this article is for you. There are two ways salon owners can do this, sell salon gift vouchers online and sell products.

You might be thinking who will even buy a salon e-voucher during this time? Well, many of your clients are hoping and praying to get a haircut, colour or styling ASAP and given they’ve been coming to you for a long time, they are hoping to see your salon survive this crisis. DO NOT WORRY, they do miss you and will be at your salon to care for their hair, skin and nails when lockdown restrictions are lifted.. 

If you’re thinking, who will buy my products? The same story as above applies. Your loyal customers will prefer to buy their hair-care products from you and not their local supermarket or pharmacy. If you can provide them with a way to buy products and have them delivered, they will purchase from you! (If you don’t have an online shop, have a look at this article for some quick solutions).

Why sell gift vouchers online?

With people unable to visit salons and receive their regular treatments, many will try to recreate hair and beauty treatments at home or alternatively go back to the hippie look of the 70’s. Whatever the case once you reopen the salons the lines will be long and the problems created by people attempting to fix their hair at home plentiful! 

So, how to make this day run smoothly for you and your clients?

Encourage your regular clients to buy a salon e-voucher that they can use when your salon reopens again. Through purchasing salon e-vouchers your clients can support your salon through this difficult time. 

The best thing about hair and beauty salon gift vouchers is that you receive 90% of the money when the purchase is made, and the rest once they come into your salon to get their haircut. 

People visit salons to treat both inner and outer beauty, to have a relaxing experience and forget about their worries. They’ll need your salon to be there more than ever when this is over. Trust that your clients want to support you, they’re probably ready at a moment’s notice to do their part to help your salon (and be the first one to sit in your chair when you reopen).

How to sell salon vouchers online?

One easy way to set up a gift voucher platform is through your website. Website building platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and others offer this feature, all you have to do is create the design of your template, set up a secure payment method and share the link with clients in a nicely designed email.

Through the platform people can purchase gift vouchers for themselves, family members or friends. Once they make a purchase include a thank you page to show your appreciation. A thank you is enough however if you want to go the extra mile, our team can help write helpful blogs about at-home hair maintenance, or a video tutorial with beauty tips. Our creative team of salon experts can do these tasks on behalf of your salon, these small things will increase people’s trust and love for your salon.

If you find it difficult to choose a design for your template or are uncertain about what should be written on a beauty voucher we at Mamma Marketing are happy to tailor the design to suit the style and values of your salon. This service is part of our salon care package that’s customised for this unique time during Covid 19. To know more visit our website

How to create a salon gift voucher campaign

Get the word out there! You probably have hundreds if not thousands of emails from clients. Now is a great time to use them, people are at home doing nothing! They WILL read your emails.

You can also use social media and your website to spread the message. When creating a salon gift voucher campaign, your clients need it to be easy to follow with details about how they can purchase the voucher and use it at the salon. 

Many businesses believe that posting on social media during this current crisis won’t help them, this is not true. Posting helpful content like tips for styling short hair, at-home maintenance tips, self hair coloring or skin products will certainly be of benefit to your salon. Now is a great time to increase your social media followers, build positive brand reputation and increase loyal customers for your salon. 

We know that launching a salon gift voucher campaign might feel like an almost impossible task for those of you who are not “tech savvy”. Give it a go! It’s not too difficult! Remember that selling salon gift vouchers online benefits both you and your loyal customers who want to help their favourite hair salon! 

Many salons around the world are benefiting from selling this service during the current crisis! Our team is absolutely confident that hair salons and other businesses who are taking positive actions right now will come out of this crisis stronger than ever!

We at Mamma Marketing want to help salon owners use this time to take initiative by engaging with customers online which will lead to some extra income in the short term and greater relationships with customers in the long term!  If you’re interested in seeing what package our team has customized for hair salons during the covid 19 crisis, take a look at this pageWe have also written several blogs about salon marketing strategies and actions salons should take while closed. They are all available to read on our website.

We love hearing salon owner’s continuous feedback! Share your thoughts in the comments section or send us an email. 

Thanks for reading!

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