June 26, 2020 Chiara

Salon marketing strategies learned from Covid-19

We know—the words “Covid-19” and “benefit” simply don’t belong in the same sentence. New restrictions forced salons to make necessary yet tedious adjustments as they reopened: reduced capacity, longer hours, and painstaking health and safety routines. 

In this article, we’ll take a slightly more optimistic outlook and examine some salons undertook marketing strategies for their reopening that they can continue doing in the long term. These salon strategies made reopening easier, improved customer loyalty and engagement.    

More Engagement on Social Media

Although a strong online presence for a salon is always one of your best assets, social media is especially important before and during reopening. Customers wanted to be contacted; they needed to know when you were reopening and how you planned to do safely reopen. Now that salons are back open, now is the time to take your online activity to the next level, diversifying your content beyond your usual promotions. One strategy that has seen a lot of engagement is documenting the new normal and how stylists are cleaning everything between customers. 

Take a look at your analytics and determine which platforms your customers engage with the most. Facebook is better for older adults while Instagram is better for young adults. Once you’ve narrowed your focus, there are a few areas you can re-evaluate to make your social media shine:

Videos from within

For many, a visit to the salon is a valued social ritual and an opportunity to build a rapport with their stylist. You can help set your customers at ease by showing how you’re observing regulations with upbeat content from your staff. 

Users love video! In fact, in a 2019 survey, two-thirds of respondents stated that they would prefer to learn about a product or service through a short video. 

If you need to update customers regarding your new corona-era services, why not post a few clips to Instagram? If your salon has been coping well with the new changes, it would make for a great video opportunity to show clients exactly what to expect from their visit. Plus, they’ll get a chance to see their favourite stylists on Instagram!

Keeping with the video theme, this could take several forms: an “welcome back” message for loyal clients, a brief introduction to your salon and stylists for newcomers, a short tour of your space to showcase social distancing measures in action, etc. Strike a balance between informative, reassuring and friendly! 

Make it personable by getting clients involved

You can also make your content more exciting by involving your clients directly. From reposting photos of old visits to asking your followers to comment why they’re excited to return to the salon, there are plenty of ways to start dialogue. Another idea for when you reopen is sharing hair transformations! Quarantine hair has become quite the joke. Snapping two shots of clients’ hair before and after their first visit back (with permission, of course) will bring a smile to their faces and put an extra spin on that trend.

A rewarding habit

Managing your social media is essential right now; however, its value won’t expire once this crisis is over. Attracting more clients to the salon and establishing faith in your brand is a long-term investment. To help you use social media to your advantage, we have created a bundle of salon marketing services and have a downloadable PDF with tips and tricks for your stylist on how to take photos and videos with a smartphone.

A Streamlined Online Booking System

Say goodbye to the days of customers pulling up to the salon unannounced, only to join a two-hour queue. To avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing, salons are shifting to an appointment-only system. Online booking makes this transition easy. If mastering a new system seems like a hassle, fear not—it’s easier than you think. 

Some booking software, such as Fresha is our recommended salon booking platform as it’s pay as you go, free installation, an excellent customer service, easy to use and offers lots of features. 

Online booking systems are very useful when it comes to taking bookings 24/7 without the need for a receptionist answering the phone all day, processing contactless card payments, generating reviews and more. They make managing the salon easier and more efficient. 

You may be running on a tighter appointment schedule due to reduced capacity and built-in cleaning times. You’re eager to reduce unnecessary contact from cash payments. Perhaps you’re also looking to pick up a few new clients who can’t book their usual stylists due to high appointment demand. Booking software is an all-in-one solution—and it will only continue to save you time, energy and money going forward.

Email Marketing

An unsung hero, email marketing is the best way to reach your entire contact list at no additional cost to you. A well-crafted newsletter or email campaign can get back lost customers who haven’t been to the salon in months or years. Email marketing for a salon has several strategic possibilities:

  • Keep clients up-to-date regarding your re-opening hours and services 
  • Share any new Covid-19 protocols (face coverings, social distancing, time limits in the salon, contactless pay systems, and more) 
  • Link your booking platform 
  • Advertise your hair and beauty products 
  • Promote salon gift vouchers and special offers
  • Include client photos and comments for a dash of positivity in these times  
  • Check in after appointments to request feedback and reviews
  • Share useful at-home maintenance tips 

As previously mentioned, communicating more with clients is a logistical necessity at the moment. Make the most of this opportunity to improve your content and keep customers coming back. If you try different combinations of the offerings listed above, track engagement with your emails. What sort of content do clients prefer? What makes them click through? If you can figure this out, you’ll save time and, better yet, you won’t bore your clients with offerings they have no interest in. 

Mamma Marketing is here to help you use salon marketing tools and platform to your advantage, from specifically designed services for a salon such as social media marketing and online visibility to creating a website for your hair salon. 

As you make the necessary changes for reopening and communicate with your customers online, you can build a sturdy online presence that will boost business and good habits, forming your salon marketing strategies for the short and long term.

We are always sharing helpful blogs with tips and tricks to help hair salons with their online presence, subscribe to our monthly newsletters that’ll teach you a thing or two, we never stop learning! 

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