Be in control of what photos your potential customers see first.


It’s crucial to have lots of high-quality photos that portray your what your business does properly. A business should show photos of the interior, staff, customers, the experience and showcase the best parts of the business.

While some businesses only require one visit by our photographers, others need monthly visits, usually three or six times over our initial six months. Our team edits the photos (if needed), then posts them across the board on social media, the website and review sites.

Examples of photography sessions:

  • A restaurant who wants to show their chefs in action, in an exceptionally clean kitchen with fresh, appetizing food being cooked.
  • A bar wants to show the outdoor area when the sun is out, the bartender making a cocktail or how busy happy hour is.

It’s vital that the photos that showcase a business online are at the highest quality. Some businesses tend to rely on the photos their customers take and tag them in, which usually don’t portray the business properly. They do this on sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram or a review sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

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