Reports & Consultations

Our Mammas are completely transparent with clients. We educate all businesses about what is working online for their industry and competitors. 

At the beginning of our partnership, we present a competitor report to show what their competition and industry leaders are doing. In this report, we analyse their current situation and make recommendations for what the next, necessary steps are to generate a return on investment from having a strong online presence.

We continuously track, analyse and report on everything to consistently improve and advance our online efforts on behalf of our clients.

Our clients have their dedicated manager who presents monthly reports on how our team is progressing with agreed objectives, monthly goals, keyword ranking movements and all other relevant details about each monthly service in the package.

For business owners or managers who are not familiar with reading data and analytics, don’t worry, our team of Mammas simplify the data and statistics for businesses so that business owners and managers don’t have to try to make sense of it.