May 27, 2020 Emma

How to Manage Hair Salon
Communications While Reopening

With coronavirus lockdown restrictions easing in several countries, hair salons worldwide are preparing to reopen. Communication with customers is thus a top priority. Many news outlets are covering the changes to salon operation, giving readers a glimpse of what a haircut in this unprecedented time might look like. However, your clients are especially eager to know exactly what YOUR salon is doing to adapt—and what they can expect from their first visit back. 


This post will discuss how to craft and deliver hair salon communications as you reopen. We include some health and safety points to convey, as well as ways you can share updates with your clients across different platforms. Play your cards right and you’ll be able to provide useful information, reassure and entertain clients, and attract more of them. Call it the all-in-one power of digital salon marketing (not that we’re biased, of course). 


Let’s get to it. 

Think ahead - know your plan


For each client clamouring for the earliest possible appointment, there’s another who may be reluctant to visit a salon. Perhaps they’re worried about high-risk family members and friends, or simply their own safety. It’s important to reach out to these clients to show them how you plan to protect visitors. 

Here are several ideas to consider, based on our observations of measures being implemented by salons worldwide. Even if you haven’t opted for some of these, it’s worthwhile to inform clients of your stance, just so they understand how your protocols may differ from those of other salons in their area.  


    • Masks: should clients bring their own? Will you be providing masks for a small fee or for free?  
    • Entry: will you ask clients to wait outside or in their cars until they receive a text message? 

    • Belongings: should clients hang coats and bags themselves, place belongings in a designated basket, or refrain from bringing things in altogether? 
    • Payment: are you still accepting cash or have you moved to a contactless pay system? 
    • Services and time limits: have you instituted a time limit on salon services (e.g. 30 min–1 hour)? Will clients need to attend multiple sessions to colour their hair? Are you offering your full menu of services? What about blow dries? 
    • Client obligations: will clients need to sign a waiver to acknowledge risk or complete a form confirming that they have no symptoms/have not been in contact with anyone suspected of having the virus?  

Once you’ve determined your action plan, you’ll be ready to spread the word (and not Covid-19). But how should you contact customers? 

Email campaign to clients

Unlike social media posts, which may only be seen by a fraction of your followers, emails reach your entire contact list directly. Including your new policies in a newsletter allows you to present the information cleanly, with the aid of lists and graphics.  There’s even the option to resend the email to contacts who didn’t open it in the first three to five days.

Key advantage: in your newsletter, you can combine your reopening announcement with regular news, such as special offers, gift vouchers, and hair maintenance tips. Attentiveness to health and safety is essential if you want to welcome back clients, but ordinary salon marketing and personality flourishes are important too. Plus, some fun offerings lighten the mood after a serious announcement.

Announce changes on social media

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Email might be great for your regulars, but social media is perfect for sharing your plans with newcomers. Perhaps their usual salon is closed and they’re on the hunt for another option. Perhaps their #1 priority right now is finding a salon that takes health and safety seriously. In either case, you want anyone who searches for your salon to find your reopening plan easily. 

Key advantage: social media allows for more creativity in terms of delivery. Rather than using a text post, you could make an infographic or short video explaining your Covid-19 protocols. If you opt for the latter, it would be the perfect opportunity to get your stylists to record some clips, adding a bit of warmth and doubling as an introduction to your team for those who have never visited your salon before. 

How the mamma team can help

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Write a blog about your guidelines

If you want to give a step-by-step account of what a visit to your salon will look like during this pandemic, clearly explaining requirements without the distraction of ad content, this is the format for you. Forms and waivers, should you want to include them, can easily be embedded in a blog post. To sweeten the deal even further, having a blog boosts your visibility in search engine results! 

Key advantage: a blog post is a flexible way of delivering information. You can include links to it on your main site, social media, and even in an email if you’re reluctant to jam too much information into your newsletter itself. 

Automatic response to bookings - email or text


Given the shift to an appointment-only system, automatic emails and texts will likely become ubiquitous among salons. These are for clients who have already booked, i.e. people who absolutely must be informed of your protocols. If you’re using an online booking system (a highly recommended practice), you can programme these messages to be sent out automatically. Useful information to include would be a description of the routine to expect at your salon, check-in questions about the client’s health, and a reminder that they will not be penalised for cancellations due to illness. 

Key advantage: given that salons are operating at reduced capacity, it’s even more important to reduce no-shows and delays. Sending follow-up emails and texts with options to rebook if necessary can help you save time and revenue.

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