Logo Design

We try to keep the logo design and redesign processes as simple as possible for our clients.

We first gain an understanding of the brand, why they do what they do and how they do it. Our team gives consideration to some other details such as preferred colours, elements and other aspects. 

We then draw up three to five drafts, share them with you and allow you to give criticism and feedback about which ones you like and why. We then go back to the drawing board and formulate the appropriate versions. 

From this point on it becomes clearer where the next edits and changes are to be made to deliver the complete logo that your business is happy with.

Menu Design

The quality that you offer can be demonstrated in many ways, and the menu is definitely one of them. 

A menu is one of the most important factors of a customer’s decision on coming to your restaurant. The menu is the main reason most people come to eat at your restaurant. If it meets their requirements, they’ll be interested. If it is designed and presented well, this will leave a great impression with your customers, influencing their decision.


Once-Off Service