August 23, 2020 Adam

How to use pinterest for your hair salon marketing strategy

Pinterest is a new world of visual discovery for finding inspiration and new ideas about everything you can imagine .

If you want to take advantage of this creative digital tool for your salon marketing strategy, you should know that it’s the fourth most popular social media platform in the United States, In 2019 the platform’s international base of monthly active users grew 38%, from 171 million to a whopping 235 million. It is most popular with women, especially mothers, and about 77% of weekly users regularly discover new brands and products on Pinterest. Researches on Pinterest are with high intent – if you’re looking for best hair products, chances are you want, and will, buy something, which is why you should use Pinterest to sell your salon products.

With billions of pins in Pinterest, it’s impossible NOT to find ideas to inspire you!

Pinterest represents a great opportunity for all types of hair and beauty related companies and brands looking to build an engaged audience. By actively posting inspiring content on Pinterest, businesses can drive valuable traffic to their website and ultimately increase the amount of new customers.  Without further ado,  we have prepared straightforward steps for you to take with tips on how to take advantage of Pinterest for your salon marketing ideas.

1. Create a Pinterest business account

There are two types of accounts in Pinterest: the personal account and the business account.

If you already have a personal account, don’t worry, it can be turned into a business account.

We recommend creating a Pinterest business account for your salon because you have more features that will improve your marketing efforts. A couple of these features include writing a description for your salon, adding a profile picture that represents your brand and then including a link to your website.

Therefore, having a professional Pinterest allows you to create rich pins. These are great to sell your products, as they directly extract data and information from your website – such as price and product description – to display alongside the normal pin information. In addition, you will also be able to track how many people visit your website from Pinterest (to know if it’s working) and additional features such as Pinterest Analytics and Promoted Pins.

For those of you who don’t know what “Rich pins” are, They extract extra data and information from your website to display alongside the normal pin info (like photo, price, title, description, etc.) . It will display the price and product description so that users are able to view this information within Pinterest itself, without having to visit your website. On mobile, users will even be able to click a blue “shop” button to head right to your product and purchase.

Now that you have created your account and profile settings. Claim your website to Pinterest. By adding it you get a lot of useful features such as Pinterest analytics, a featured logo, access to tools and other useful features.

When you add your website you get access to reviews of the pins you post from your site, reviews of the pins other people create from your site and let people know where they can find more of your content. Your profile picture will appear next to any pins that come from your site.

To add your site, here’s an easy-to-follow guide from Pinterest on how to claim your website.

2. Create engaging content

People come to Pinterest actively seeking new ideas and inspiration from brands and businesses like you. That’s why your visual content must be designed to work on all device´s fronts. We recommend you to use vertical images that look 2:3 format with a very high quality because the majority of users are using mobile devices.

The first thing you can do is concentrate on sharing pins of other users on Pinterest that inspire you and are similar to you but not direct competitors (i.e. if your salon does bridal looks, pin on your board pins from bride magazines’s profiles and similar, but not from other hair salons!) Once you’ve hooked your audience, show your brand in action. For easily-made pins you can use Canva. Remember using png or jpg files, 32MB as max file size and using 2:3 aspect ratio, or 1000 x 1500 pixels. Pins greater than 2:3 might get cut off in people’s feeds. In this case, if you have a salon, your pins should be clear and within the context of your salon brand. You can share pins about related services you offer and create boards for each of the categories of services. Remember to transmit credibility and help people understand who or where the pin comes from, include your logo so that your branding work is not lost in the shuffle of RePin.

Consider including a headline to reinforce your message and use descriptive text but try to keep it simple. Your goal is to attract people who want to know and learn more.

One more thing, don’t forget to add hashtags!

Hashtags are a key part of the Pinterest search and discovery experience. Pinterest users are planners sharing seasonal content 30-45 days before the season is underway!

Make the most of it to boost your brand awareness and choose which of these holidays your business can create content for and make sure you use the right keywords. You can find inspiration in this Pinterest Seasonal Insights planner:

With this you can advance and organize what pins to make for each season. The content that is opportune attracts more attention from the users. According to Pinterest, promoted pins that are aligned with the moments of the festivities increase by 22% in online sales.

3. Use boards to connect

When using pinterest you must give them a reason to follow your boards. Besides creating your own boards for your salon and showing the work you do and your creative ideas. You can also create group boards where other users can add pins and comment. Take advantage of this opportunity for your hair salon strategy and connect with more people and companies by sharing and insitating pins about the world of beauty and hair salons that inspire and motivate.

Collaborate with other Pinners

Now that you know what group boards are, team up with other influential people and companies on Pinterest to optimize your results to the next level. It’s a good marketing strategy to increase your followers, boost your content and show your audience new content they might love.

4. Optimize Pinterest for SEO

Pinterest is like a visual search engine. A good marketing strategy to take advantage of this characteristic is to use keywords for content discovery on Pinterest. This is why it is very important to use them in the name and description of  your company, boards and pins. Remember that hashtags are also useful, especially because users can follow those that interest them.

We recommend doing good keyword research, then adding the keywords to your board description or placing content from your website on a pin. Also choose a board category to help the Pinterest algorithm to understand your content better. All of these tips will optimize SEO on Pinterest. 

Try these advantages

Now that you know these tips for the benefit of your business, socialize! 

Since you’re part of the Pinterest world, it’s time to connect, share, comment, create, follow, collaborate and then analyze your results. Pinterest is a totally visual network to inspire and motivate people in their interests.

Salons in Pinterest have this big opportunity to show off to people your great ideas, creativity of your team and their work done at the salon (or at home).

Salons can create a community that trusts your tips, tricks, advice and skills which generates interest in your salon or other beauty related business. You can also make new collaborations with other influential companies in your industry, this has worked for many! Remember, it’s important to stay on top of and be aware of new trends for your salon marketing strategy. Don’t miss the opportunity Pinterest has for salons.

One thing everyone probably knows, no matter how long it takes, you can build up your social media profiles, step by step, with persistence and then sooner rather than later, you WILL achieve great results. After all, we’re living in an infinite world while people live on social media, more and more every year. This is a trend that is on a steep upward trend. especially with the next generations.