April 1, 2020 Alice

How To Sell Salon Products Online

During this unique time with the Covid-19 affecting the daily lives of most business owners and their clients, there has been no greater time to start selling products online. People are more inclined to purchase hair and beauty products online rather than going to your salon, supermarket or beauty shop. 

There are two reasons why some people don’t want to go to the supermarket or pharmacy during Covid-19. One being that it’s not so safe to be in public places and the other being that they can purchase the products online with convenience! Your loyal customers will prefer to purchase hair products from their favourite salon and not the shops, and they could also be in need of a quick five minute consultation about how to use them. By offering this free consultation on how to use the product could be the difference between people buying hair and beauty products from your salon, and not the supermarket.

Why sell salon products online?

Salon products are a significant portion of salon income, often a greater markup than the services. By creating a salon ecommerce site and selling beauty products online, your clients can buy the products they need online, and at the same time support your salon. As a nice touch, you can give clients recommendations and some tips about using the product, which leads to improved client loyalty and satisfaction! They won’t forget how you helped them, which may lead to a referral or two!

During lockdown there was a lot of campaigns circling on social media including the #supportyourlocal hashtag and #supportyoursalon. Many people want to help local businesses and what better way to do that than buying those much needed hair and beauty products from their local salon. 

How can you compete against other e-commerce sites? It’s no secret that Amazon is the leader of the industry. According to a 2019 report from Freedvisor 48% of Amazon prime members make a purchase every week. What makes these clients so loyal? The prime membership features fast and free shipping. A salon ecommerce site can offer regular customers the same, selling beauty products from home gives you the advantage of being able to deliver the products directly to customers’ with your car or bicycle the same day. The other option is to send via post or courier which salon owners can also add a personal touch by leaving a hand written note in the package with some instructions such as “use twice per week on damp hair for best results, feel free to call us with any questions! :)”

The e-commerce industry is growing and people make online purchases all the time, now more than ever before! We know your customers love coming to your salon and will want to continue doing so as restrictions have loosened. Your customers not only want to support you but most importantly trust your advice and knowledge, for this reason they’ll want to purchase salon retail from you. 

How to sell beauty products to clients online?

You might be worried about clients not wanting to buy your products. Truth is, many of your clients regularly visit your salon and do so to feel good and looked after. In these times, salons now need support from their clients and these people will provide that. They care about you too!

At your hair salon you probably have lots of products that you already sell in the salon. If you don’t have a lot of products, you can find salon products online and sell those products that are especially useful for at-home hair colour and styling maintenance.

Stay in contact with your clients

Remember that even though your salon is closed you can keep contact with your clients. Giving hair and beauty advice through free consultation calls or launching social media campaigns will increase your online sales. Sharing tutorials and professional tips on how to care for hair at home will be appreciated in a time when many of us have little to do and are unable to visit the salon for a root coloring, styling short hair, hiding greys and so on.

By keeping in touch with your clients you’re gaining more trust which in turn makes clients more willing to buy hair care products from you. By sharing useful content on social media, clients will remember that your in-depth knowledge of hair helped them during this difficult time when they couldn’t visit a salon, they won’t forget!

Engage your clients

One way salons were selling salon products without feeling too pushy was being honest about the situation of being closed because of Covid-19. They simply let their clients know that them buying hair or beauty products helped the salon during the difficult time, this honesty encouraged people to support them.

Remember, when you are asking clients to buy your salon products you are taking care of them like you have done many times in the salon. At the salon you have styled or coloured their hair for those very special occasions, and you’ve been there through several events in customers’ lives. Your clients believe you to be trustworthy and the products you recommend to be good for them. Much better than buying on Amazon or at Tesco…

What platforms do I use for selling hair products online?

There are a few different places you can sell your products, the best place is on your website. Many website providers like Shopify charge monthly fees, it’s better that you build a website through WordPress and then use “Woocommerce plugin” to sell products, which is free to use.

It’s also possible to sell the products using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Google My Business.

In order to sell products, you also need to set up a payment method. Our recommendations are to use Paypal or Stripe. These both charge roughly 3% per transaction.

We help salons attract more new customers

If you need some help setting this up, our team is ready to help for a very honest price! Contact a member of our team and this can be set up in a couple of days. We love hearing the continuous feedback from you all, please feel free to ask us any questions about anything we’ve talked about today. We’d be glad to help! 

If you’re a salon owner, feel free to have a read through our other blogs focused on helping salons with their online presence. Our team has been working with salons with online essentials like SEO, websites, social media and more. We start off with a completely free competitor analysis to show you what needs to be done in order to outperform local competitors online, with the goal of achieving an online presence that increases amount of new customers and salon revenue.

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