How to rank higher on Google - for hairdressers

Ranking high on google is no walk in the park. Some people pay for the instant coffee of Google AdWords which is no comparison to what the slowly brewed coffee that is focusing on organic SEO.

When organic SEO practices are done properly, it means your salon will be easily found by people actively looking for one in your area, meaning more new clients for you. Whether you want to be found for “hairdresser in Dublin”, “hairdresser in London”, or “hair colour services in Liverpool”, it’s all about setting the foundations correctly, and then building on that. 

The foundations include:

  • – Deciding what keywords you want to be found for
  • – Optimising all pages on the website with the best SEO practices

Building on the foundation includes:

  • – Adding keywords to your website every month until you are number 1! And even then, keep doing it. It’s better to be far, far ahead of your competitors so that they can’t catch up.
  • – Increasing inbound and outbound links for your website. We focus on this at the beginning and then maintain.

Salon owners, I won’t lie, your SEO strategy won’t be an overnight success. To organically rank in the top 3 local search engines depends on how well you do the above along with the strength of your competition (whether they are currently focusing or have focused on SEO in the past). Don’t worry, most people haven’t so it won’t take long to rank high. If everyone was doing it, you would know about it.

For most cities, we can tell you that there aren’t too many hairdressers focusing on SEO, and if they are, we haven’t seen many doing it well.

It should take 4-6 months to appear in the top 3-5 search results for target keywords. However, after 4-6 weeks you will know your salon is doing a good job when you see the rankings go higher every two weeks.

What keywords to target for your salon?

To decide which keywords you want to target you first have to decide what services your salon does best or what products/services you want to be found for. If you use organic products, or specialise in balayage, or do specific treatments, the keywords you target should be related to these. 

Imagine, if someone is looking for something your salon is well known for and has lots of photos/reviews about, that person will pick you if they find you on Google. Being found is the first step.

After deciding what keywords to target, you need to understand how people type them into their search engine. Understanding which clients you want to target can be helpful here. If you pride yourself in being a sustainable salon, do people type “vegan hair salon”, “eco-friendly salon” or ‘sustainable salon”?

To continually add keywords, you must write blog articles with the target keywords inside.

Targeting location specific keywords?

Of course, we will definitely be targeting location specific keywords such as “hair salon near me” and “hair salon in (area name)”. These keyword searches generate the most traffic.

Adding keywords to your hair salon website

Your salon will rank higher on Google search results for target keywords after 2-4 months. Once you’ve done the foundations for SEO and have been consistently writing at least two blogs per month, filled with keywords, you’re on the path to SEO success!

For those of you with no idea where to start for writing blog posts, we can help. It’s important to write blog posts that are both engaging to read and then filled with target keywords. By doing this effectively, you’ll know when you see your hair salon ranking higher on search engines every month. 

If you consistently do this, you’ll see your salon ranking higher and higher for your target keywords, until you become number 1, 2 or 3.

Website built with SEO practices

Keywords are added throughout the website in three ways: on the backend, the frontend and on blog posts.

The backend is your meta descriptions, alt tags and other techy stuff that only you and google can see while the frontend is the pages on your site which people read. Blogs should be written and optimized to target keywords and posted at least twice a month to see real results in ranking high organically.

“Hairdresser in Dublin” and “Hair salon in Dublin” in five months.

One of our clients wanted to focus on SEO from the very start and after working with our team for just five months, we achieved everything we set out to do. 

After month three, they were ranking between 5-10. After month four, a big higher and then in month 5, we achieved top 3 results.

Moyo Hair & Beauty is now ranking first, second and third in multiple keyword searches including:

“Hair salon in Dublin” – 2nd

“Hairdresser in Dublin” – 2nd

“Eco-friendly hair salon in Dublin” – 2nd

“Sustainable hair salon in Dublin” – 2nd

“Aveda hair salon in Dublin” – 1st

With maintaining the above keywords and targeting several others there has been a massive increase in website traffic and more importantly, new clients booking appointments.

During the month of July, a little over 15,200 people discovered and viewed Moyo Hair on Google search compared to 1,650 in March when we began. Our next step is to publish their new website which will improve conversion rates of all these new potential clients finding them.

Take a look at the case study in detail by clicking on the button below.

(SEO Case Study for Moyo Hair & Beauty)

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