July 18, 2020 Emma

How to Host a School Cooking Challenge on Social Media

You’ve decided to host a cooking challenge for your students. It sounds fun, engaging, and is a nice way to conclude the year after the e-learning grind.

But how do you actually do it? We have a plan. Here is what would happen if you let us help you use social media to engage your school community.

The Idea Phase

First order of business is to pick a challenge that excites your students. What theme reflects them? For international schools, a challenge in which students cook and present one of their national dishes could invite a colourful array of submissions. For schools in rural settings whose students might live in houses with gardens as opposed to apartments, a home-grown food challenge could work well.

Next on the agenda are the guidelines. Do students need to submit a photo of their dish? Will extra points be awarded for creative videos, skits and explanations? Who will the judges be? Your students will love it if you get a group of teachers on board!

The Advertising Phase

Once you’ve picked a playful and exciting cooking challenge, you need to get the word out. We provide fun designs, videos and captions that you can post on social media. We also create a hashtag for your school’s challenge so anyone can find the posts easily, from teachers to your students’ grandparents.

The “Let it Be” Phase

Apart from an occasional post to create buzz, you can lie low and let the posts flow in. Students will be commenting on one another’s work, sharing their favorites, learning and boosting the competitive spirit. 

Don’t be surprised if you welcome some new followers to your page as well!

The Prize Phase

The deadline has passed and the judges have deliberated: it’s time to announce the winners! Given the nature of the challenge, an ideal prize would be something to encourage students to turn their stint at the stove into a regular hobby. We suggest this cotton kitchen set, which you can bestow upon your cooking champions. 

After the virtual prize ceremony, you can keep the good feeling going by sharing some of the best moments from your challenge. After a few dark months, your school will be hungry (pardon the pun) for some uplifting content.

We hope this outline has helped you realise that, with the right social media savvy, it only takes a little work to create a challenge that’s a lot of fun.You can read more about our social media services and plans here.

Mamma Marketing can help! We are an international team committed to finding the digital strategy that works best for you in all corners of the world. Get in touch—we love to chat. 

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