April 9, 2020 Chiara

How to generate revenue during the COVID-19 crisis

Not only are hairdressers and beauticians eagerly waiting for salons to reopen again. Many of your customers are currently at home complaining about how their hair is going “totally out of control”. Your salon services have NEVER been so needed!  

It’s hard enough for your customers that they’re faced with uncertainty about when lockdown restrictions will be loosened, but having a bad hair day, everyday, can definitely add to their stress levels and the people they’re living with.

To make the best of the situation it’s important to focus on things we know and can influence rather than the alternative. Our creative team members at Mamma have gathered some tips for hair and beauty salons on how to generate revenue during the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. 

One thing we at Mamma are confident about is that now is not the time for hairdressers to stay quiet but the time to make positive changes and start the work towards reopening salons.

Sell beauty gift vouchers online

The reality is that many (if not all) local businesses have been heavily affected by Covid 19 however some businesses will come out of this stronger, and some will unfortunately close down. Hair salons are one of the lucky ones, especially those of you who have a big base of loyal customers. They are probably day dreaming about the day that they’re comfortably sitting in your salon chair!

Take action and create a gift voucher page. It’s a great way for your regular clients to support your salon (and be the first one in line for a haircut). Find out how to add a gift voucher page to your website in this article. 

Many salons in Ireland and the UK are asking this question:
Can I sell gift vouchers if I am receiving financial support?

  • Don’t worry! If you are receiving financial support, selling beauty gift vouchers online is not the same as creating revenue. When a customer purchases a gift voucher you will receive 90% of the payment and the total payment once the voucher is redeemed to know more read this article.

Sell salon products online

Because people aren’t able to have their normal treatments at the salon, they will for sure be doing more beauty treatments at home. Posting failed diy haircuts has become a trend on social media and you can be sure some of your clients are days away from considering doing the same; give them some basic advice before they ruin everything! Months of work by your hair colourists DESTROYED! 😲 

Organise an email campaign or social media posting plan to inform your clients that you have set up a salon ecommerce shop and are now selling their favourite products online and delivering them to their homes. Salon social media is incredibly important, and many do not capitalize on it; now is the time to get ahead of your competitors! 

Bear in mind that many of your customers don’t want to even go to supermarkets and pharmacies these days, they’d prefer buying products from your salon! The products can be sent by post or hand delivered by someone from the salon. This is a great opportunity to help customers and give free consultations, they will not forget your help during this difficult time!

Don’t forget to mention how grateful you are for their support and how your salon profits from this. To find out more about selling products online, we’ve simplified the instructions on how to do this, here is a short article put together by our team.

Use this time to develop your salon marketing strategies

Even though no one knows exactly when things will go back to normal, it’s going to happen someday and that day will be unlike any other. Salons will probably have to open with very strict restrictions. 

Salon owners that spend the lock down time preparing for those initial hectic weeks through raising awareness of the health standards your salon has introduced will be the ones making everyone much more comfortable about visiting the salon.

This can be done by spreading the message on social media, newsletters and emails. It will be a great way in attracting new customers because there will be a lot of salons who will not announce anything, which may lead some customers to choose another salon who is taking health and safety more seriously. 

Hair & Beauty salons should be using their time wisely by improving their online presence and planning for the re-opening of the salon, keep in touch with your clients so that they know you are still there for them, do some tutorials on social media, fill your website with useful beauty tips and organise an email campaign for your new e-commerce site. 

To find out about what else you can be doing while closed, take a read through this blog about
“things hair and beauty salons should be doing while closed”

Your customers are finding ways to get creative at home, and so should you! Gain trust through communication and offer them your expert advice, no one should lose their hair (or mind) during these days. The positive actions and changes you make right now are the ones that will gain you more customers than ever when your salon reopens again. 

We at Mamma are constantly thinking about ways we can help small businesses. We love to hear the opinions of salon owners, leave us a comment or send us a message with the actions your salon is taking. 
We wish you all the best, from all the Mamma team 

The Mamma team is helping small businesses in various countries. We have created a new package especially customised to help salons during Covid-19.

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