June 8, 2020 Alice

How to attract new clients to your salon

Salons are making increasingly creative use of digital media, but all of that outreach has but a single goal: bringing new clients into the salon. Although there are multitudes of marketing campaigns you could attempt, today we are going to keep things simple and focus on using your website to drive foot traffic. 

The process of selecting a salon has changed a lot in the past ten years. Especially when looking for cosmetic services, customers are less likely to window shop or rely on recommendations from friends. Instead, they often find salons through online searches, stumbling upon websites which they then cross reference with social media profiles. Think of your website as a storefront. You want to show customers a glimpse of the great work you do and let them know they are welcome to come in for an appointment anytime.  

This sounds ideal in theory, but you may still be wondering how an engaging website helps you convert clicks into actual humans in the styling chair. Well, here is how a website attracts new clients to your salon. 

Visibility in Searches

A website is not just a static bio for your salon; it’s an active tool to help you get found—if you use SEO, that is. Search engine optimization helps you rise to the top of relevant searches, an entirely achievable feat if you build your website properly and use the right keywords. For instance, you should always optimize for location keywords so that anyone searching for a salon in your town or city will have a greater chance of stumbling upon your site. 

Similarly, it’s essential to be registered on Google My Business. Creating a profile (if you haven’t already) makes your salon visible in Maps searches and unites all your resources (website, reviews, opening times, etc.) in one place when customers search for you. 

Mobile Accessibility and Fast Decision-Making

Jumping off the previous point, having a website also allows you to attract customers who make quick decisions on their phones. Think back to the last time you were out on the town and suddenly felt like a coffee or a manicure or a quick shopping spree. What did you do then? Whipped out your phone to see if there were any businesses nearby. In situations like this, first impressions are key and websites are a deciding factor. Not having one means that customers have no way of gauging your professionalism and are likely to look elsewhere. Be warned—a poor website can be as damning as no website at all. For example, if your site is not optimized for mobile, you’ll have high bounce rates because of the poor user experience. It’s especially important that users be able to view your photos and navigate your booking system on mobile devices. Similarly, a site that is too slow to load or has unprofessional design will cause you to lose business. 

In our experience working with salons, 50-60% of users access our clients’ sites from mobile devices, making it an important area to focus on. Do it right and you’ll have great opportunities to convert online visitors (especially impulse buyers) into in-store customers.  

Piquing Interest Through Promotions

There are also salon marketing strategies that intentionally link online content to in-store deals. One option is to offer limited-time vouchers or coupons to site visitors. Applying time pressure can be particularly effective in making first-time clients take the plunge and try your salon. Alternatively, you could offer unlimited coupons for newbies but tuck them behind an email opt-in to grow your contact list. You want to avoid overusing these strategies and making your website more sales-like than informative, but they can give you a boost if you are a new business or simply going through a rough patch.   

Fortunately, there are other online tricks that can spark interest in your salon. One is to display hair products online. Even if you only sell them in the salon itself, allowing customers to take a peek at the products you use and recommend can drum up interest. Likewise, offering in-store pickup can result in customers making additional purchases or bookings on impulse. In-store pickup is more popular than you might think—a 2019 Business Insider report revealed that 68% of US customers make multiple click-and-collect purchases—and it saves you delivery costs as well! 

Bottom line: if you can think of creative promotions, services or events that are featured on your website but require people to visit your location, give them a shot. 

Takeaways For Your Site

So, to review, what are the most important aspects to consider if you want your website to bring customers to your salon?

  • Aesthetics: design your website to showcase your salon’s vibe and professionalism by including photos of your space and examples of your work
  • Mobile user experience: if you haven’t recently, try conducting an audit of your site on mobile and test all of its features
  • SEO: do yourself a favour by attending to your on-page SEO, reviewing your title tags, alt text, url structure and more. To further increase traffic, consider expanding your blogging efforts and sharing meaningful content on your site
  • Deals: spice up your site by offering in-store discounts on occasion 

We hope you enjoyed this list of salon marketing ideas that require nothing more than a website and some strategic planning to execute. Offline campaigns in your local area might seem flashier, but never forget the importance of a website for a salon. Most customers begin their salon search online; being the business they find is an invaluable way of growing your client list.

Are you a salon in need of a new website? If so, you’re in luck! At Mamma Marketing, we specialize in working with salons to design, build and maintain high-functioning websites that showcase your personality (and, of course, drive foot traffic). Get in touch for a consultation today!