September 9, 2020 Chiara

How does my hair salon benefit from using Instagram?

There are many benefits of social media for hair salons however Instagram is a creative platform that can be extremely useful for hairdressers. It may be the most valuable of all social media platforms for hairdressers given its visual nature and how highlights are being used by hairdressers to showcase their best work, team, atmosphere and offers. People make quick decisions about a hair salon, so utilising Instagram highlights is perfect for showing potential clients what they need to see in those valuable seconds. 


You may ask yourself: How can my hair salon benefit from using Instagram? To help you out, let’s go through the benefits Instagram has for a hairdresser!  The visual nature of the app gives hairdressers the chance to be quirky and get creative with what they post. Santiago Figueroa, a hairstylist from London, says that: “With Instagram we are able to create free advertising, create a portfolio of work, and at the same time, attract new clients in the social media market.” Instagram can be used to share before/after shots with followers, show off the salon and the employees, and give potential customers a look into what you, as a salon, can do for them.  Don’t trust us? Try it yourself!  The majority of salons already have an Instagram account; however, many of them don’t utilise all the features that are perfect for their hair salon. Make the most of highlights, stories, feed and the new feature called ‘Instagram Reels’. Here are some ways you can benefit:


Once you post images on your profile, you can drastically increase your reach by adding hashtags, location tags and tagging people in your photos. Find out what’s trending and use this to your advantage. Tag the stylist, the customer, or the product. Use popular hashtags to allow people who are interested in what you do to find you easily. You can increase your clientele by putting your salon out there, and playing on people’s interest in hair and beauty. Once you increase your reach across the platform, use call-to-action language to start engaging with followers.


Instagram presents the opportunities for hairdressers to easily engage with followers through comments, likes, tags, and shares. These opportunities make it possible to build a loyal customer base by making a good impression on followers, increasing the likelihood of followers spreading positive feedback about your salon. People tend to believe other people rather than a brand; by creating an Instagram profile, you give others the chance to share their experience with your salon, which you can then share as a review on your own profile! Try to be as human as possible on social media!

Some other Instagram marketing strategies  for your hair salon are to create competitions, reply to comments, re-post your customers’ photos and make them feel valued.

Figueroa claims that “at least 2% of [their] clientele comes from social media posting and competitions.” Actively using social media to engage with clients and creating a good impression can improve customer loyalty because people want to know they are interacting with real people who are meeting their needs and desires. Clients will be more likely to tell their friends about your salon if you make them feel comfortable, and important. Customer is King – so treat them like it online as you do in-person!


Another significant benefit of Instagram for hairdressers is the Instagram Story and Highlight feature. Stories are a great way to share quick, fun content that stays on your profile for 24 hours.  Highlights, on the other hand, stay accessible to your followers at the top of your profile, saving important information for your followers to see whenever they visit your profile. 

This is a great marketing tool on Instagram for hairdressers, as it lets you showcase your most important information where followers can easily find it. It also enables you to post more sporadically on your feed while still engaging with your followers and sharing content. @Dessangelondon is an excellent example of how to use Instagram highlights. They have their current offers at the top of their page and have organised their highlights into categories, in which they not only present the events they have styled for but also introduce their stylists and show them at work. 

Finally, Instagram TV (IGTV) is the perfect way to share longer videos in which you can talk more deeply to your followers, post tutorials, question and answer videos. As a bonus, the videos can be up to an hour long! A good example of an Instagram account taking full advantage of this feature is @niallcolganhairdressing. He uses IGTV to talk to his followers every day while on his way to, or from the salon, creating entertaining content about his day, recent news and events! He also creates fantastic and entertaining video content from inside his salon. It’s essential to get creative and be human! Most Instagram users prefer visuals, so make sure to use lots of photos and video footage, rather than simply speaking to the camera.

The way to benefit from Instagram is to be active and consistent; start off with small steps and gradually get to the point of using all it’s features after a month or so. 

  • First,  establish your aesthetic. 
  • Second, think of what content you want to post and make a plan. 
  • Third, start posting at least 3-5 times per week. 
  • Fourth, get the team involved. 
  • Fifth, be consistent. 

People are even more likely to remember you if you are consistent with your brand image and keep posting helpful, engaging content!

If you need help with any of these steps, our team offers a social media starter kit which helps you get the most out of social media ASAP. Once you are consistent with a good plan, aesthetics and content coming from within the salon, you will definitely see more results from social media and even hear feedback from clients.

Examples of Hair Salons that take advantage of Instagram