June 19, 2020 Emma

How An Engaging Social Media Increases Salon Revenue

Globally, 63% of people eligible to be on social media (13+ years) are already users. That’s 3.81 billion users. And in an oversimplified yet enticing fantasy world, that’s 3.81 billion customers you can reach if you promote your brand online. You won’t, of course, but social media has become an increasingly important form of exposure for a salon. 

The main ideas underpinning salon social media are as follows:

1) showing customers that your product or service exists in the first place, 

2) demonstrating how the product or service will solve their problems and add value to their life, 

3) encouraging them to take the plunge by spreading the word about promotions, discounts and sales. 

Although the focus of salons may be in-store experience, the benefits of social media exposure are the same. 

This all sounds lovely, but does social media go beyond raising awareness and create a tangible ROI? If so, what differentiates social media from other salon marketing strategies? In this post, we’ll attempt to answer these questions and show exactly why social media is so important for salons seeking to increase revenue. 

Brand Awareness

While it’s true that an active profile with lots of likes does not always equate to more paying customers, there is plenty to be said for raising awareness of your salon and attracting new followers. According to a 2020 Sprout survey, 89% of customers say they will buy from brands they follow on social, and 75% will increase spending with those brands. 

This suggests a certain level of intention when it comes to commercial behavior on social media. Customers are not merely along for the ride; they are curious about products and willing to give you a try if you impress them with relevant and engaging content. For a salon, this might involve giving them the necessary push to book a first appointment or buy products from an online stop.

Part of what makes social media particularly effective in building brand awareness among customers who are willing to buy is precise targeting. The ability to boost posts and show ads to certain demographics—filtering by age, location, liked pages and interests—allows you to apply your knowledge of which groups love your salon already and attract new customers with similar profiles. Revenue may be your endgame, but awareness is an essential step in the buyer’s journey and social media does it well. 

Trust Building

Beyond enabling prospective clients discover your salon and generating interest in your services, social media can also help you show off some of the other necessary attributes of a successful business: high-quality work, strong customer service, and credibility. 

Starting with the work itself, social media is the perfect place for hair stylists to build a portfolio. Nowadays, the purchasing decision process begins online. Prospective customers will be searching for reviews of your salon, and even people who have been referred to you by a friend will likely take a look at your social media to confirm their decision. As such, receiving positive reviews on Facebook or enthusiastic comments on Instagram significantly boosts your chances of attracting a new customer.

Imagine: if you post a photo of a customer’s hair and that person comments below to express how happy they are, prospective clients will see firsthand that your salon puts out quality work and comes strongly recommended.  

You may be under the impression that customer service is not easily showcased online—if so, think again! According to the same Sprout survey cited above, 44% of users believe that strong customer service is what distinguishes a brand on social media, and 61% say the same of audience engagement. Responding promptly to queries and creating content that responds to follower demands are feasible online goals that can model the sort of positive experience a client would have in your salon. 

Lastly, social media offers plenty of opportunities to express authenticity and credibility. One strategy, a winner for all businesses but particularly suited to salons, is employee advocacy. It will come as no surprise that customers value the input of people they know over company messages. Employees fall into the former category, and the results on social media are significant: if the content is created by employees, brand messages are shared 24x more frequently. As you might imagine, this approach is perfect for salons because stylists’ work is the business. Although it’s essential that employee advocacy remains voluntary, most of your stylists are probably already sharing their work via personal profiles and would be happy to tag their salon. 

As we’ve seen, building trust with clients by showcasing your salon’s quality, customer service and character is entirely achievable online, whereas creating the same engagement through outbound advertisements is near impossible.  

Marketing and Measurability

Stepping away from ways social media can bring in revenue by attracting new business, let’s talk about how it can boost overall revenue by saving money, specifically within your marketing budget. Social media may not be free (there’s the cost of paid advertising and, of course, the cost of your time), but it’s extraordinarily measurable and flexible. Running a social media account is a step away from conducting research. You’re constantly generating data that tells you more about your audience and the success of your campaigns. From split testing campaigns to using Google Analytics to measure your goals, you can adjust your approach in real time, avoiding the pitfall of pouring money into advertising that can’t be quantified.  

Furthermore, although not all businesses take advantage of them, there are plenty of strategies out there to make social media ROI even more measurable. As a hair salon, you can benefit from Instagram marketing by tracking bio links to booking pages or specific hair products. By examining how many people click through, as well as which CTAs in your posts were effective, you can better understand the value of your social media efforts and keep putting your funds behind strategies that actually generate revenue. Access to data like this is one of the great advantages of social media marketing specifically, so don’t sleep on analysis! 

We hope you enjoyed this list of reasons social media can and should bring in revenue for your salon. However, if your social media isn’t performing as well as you’d like, there’s no need to panic. Experiment with new content, involve your staff, have fun, use your analytical skills…. and repeat. It’s also okay to take a step back from social media now and then. There are other ways to grow your salon’s presence. For instance, we recently created a blog on how to get more clients in your salon using website traffic. No matter which area you focus on, building an online presence will take time—it’s certainly worth it though. 

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