May 18, 2020 Chiara

The five pillars of an online presence for a salon

It’s 2020 so, you’ve most likely come to terms with the fact that your salon needs to be online in order for people to find you. Knowing where to get started with building an online presence for a salon and what to dedicate your valuable time on isn’t an easy task. This is especially difficult with more and more online tools and resources constantly becoming available and this unique time after covid, with the “new normal. Don’t worry!

That’s why we’ve made this article, to sort out where a salon should be spending their valuable time on, and most importantly what you should be doing online to receive more bookings and loyal customers.

Our marketing team has been working with salons for a long time and we’ve written this blog to share what we’ve learned. These five salon marketing strategies are fundamental for any type of salon to gain visibility, credibility and trust. Are you ready? 

Creating a beautiful salon website

For a salon the website is the online face of the business, here is where you want to show potential customers what makes your salon unique. Your website is the portfolio of your business, it tells people what kind of service they can expect when booking an appointment, your level of professionalism and your skill set. When designed correctly it will also present the vibe of your salon, high-end, organic, chic, you name it! Whatever your salon is about you can (and should) portray!

When looking for a new business people want to know as much as they can beforehand. When  people visit your website they want to be greeted with trustworthy and professional information about the services you offer. Whether your website is people’s last stop on their purchase journey after they’ve seen something they like on your social media accounts or it’s their first stop that will potentially spare them from having to look any further your website’s design and content will be what convinces them to pick you or somebody else.. 

Content that gives users value is important but so is design. When people visit a website they make their judgments based on what they see, they’ll decide whether your website is worth scrolling through or not in a few seconds. Why? Because people have an infinite number of options, when people see a website that is badly designed and doesn’t give them that instant good feeling about the business they’ll simply continue the search until they find one that does. 

Visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) for salons

It’s essential that people find you when doing a google search. If your salon doesn’t pop up on the first page it’s unlikely that someone will ever find your site (roughly 80% of people never look past the first page). Needless to say being amongst the top will impact heavily on the number of new customers and salon revenue. 

To check where you rank type in: “salon near me” on Google. Does your salon pop up instantly? Don’t worry if you aren’t, this beginners guide to SEO for hair salons will sort you out. 

Currently everything is happening online, especially since the coronavirus outbreak has gotten people stuck at home. Not only do people search and find local services online they also base their purchase decision on the content they find. What your potential customers see during the few seconds they visit your website or social media accounts needs to gain their attention, trust and last but not least convince them your salon is the right choice.

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Social media for salons

Registering on social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram is a great way for salons to get started with online marketing. Social media lets people show their creative side. Hair Stylists and beauticians transform people’s appearance everyday, you and your stylists at the salon have a great opportunity to show your unique set of skills to a wider audience and create credibility and trust for your salon.  

Like with your salon website, high quality posts reflect well on your brand image and salon reputation. Potential customers view your social accounts to know what the environment is like in the salon. Through posting about the previous work your stylists have done, the products you use and the overall service you provide people will feel connected with you and your salon.

There are many ways social media can help you promote your salon, for example you can use Instagram Highlights to promote a campaign or sale that is running for 24hours. With the message only appearing for a short period of time people will feel the need to take immediate action. 

Are you in need of some salon social media inspiration? Have a look at these 6 salons that post videos on social media as part of their salon marketing strategy.  

The results of a successful social media campaign are people that will be craving to see more of your content, follow you on multiple accounts and of course interested in booking an appointment ASAP.. 

Managing your online reputation

Positive reviews make people more likely to choose and trust a local business. By asking your customers to write a review online you’ll have their experience at the salon for the whole internet to see, in more than 8 out of 10 cases it’s that easy!  

Consumers that are looking for a new service don’t only rely on what other people are saying about your salon but are also interested in the way you communicate online. When answering questions, comments and reviews you show your skills in communication and customer care. A friendly and professional attitude will definitely have a positive impact on potential customers that are trying to figure out if your salon is worth a visit.

To be seen and to remind people of your salon post regularly and deliver content that meets your high standards. With consistent updates people stay engaged with your salon and are aware of all the changes, new products, services and other deals you’re offering at the salon. Try to reply to peoples emails and messages as frequently as your time allows it. It’s important for customers to feel like you care about them and that they can rely on you.  

Salon advertising

Although posting quality content on your salon’s social media accounts and website is a great way to gain trust and credibility, there are some paid salon marketing strategies that we would recommend to boost your online visibility. Doing salon advertising online is affordable and has a great return of investment when done correctly, here are some salon advertising ideas to try: 

Facebook Ads is an affordable option that can help your salon reach out to many potential customers. Because you can choose the target group yourself you’ll only pay to reach out to the people that typically would be interested in visiting your salon. 

Another way paid advertising can get you new loyal customers is by giving people that refer your salon to a new customer a discount. The people that visit your salon regularly know how great your services are and would likely happily recommend your salon to a friend or family member in exchange for a cheaper haircut the next time they visit the salon. When encouraging clients to recommend your salon make sure you have your website updated and social media accounts representable.

It’ll be much easier and appealing for clients to brag about their awesome hairdresser if you have the online presence to prove for it!

Our team is always thinking of creative advertising ideas for a salon. Feel free to read our blogs, contact our team for a free consultation or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Salon branding

In a nutshell, branding is who you are and marketing is how your salon builds awareness. Branding is your strategy, whereas marketing encompasses your salon’s tactical goals.

A strong brand image and a unique salon identity could be the answer to setting your salon apart from your competitors. Building a salon identity online takes time and thoughtful planning, A good way to get started is focusing on the values and goals of your salon. Do you have some core values that you try to implement in everything you do? Keep those values in mind when doing social media posts or updating your website and you’ll have a much easier time creating content that follows a pattern and is valuable to consumers. 

Your salon identity is a combination of all the things you do online. It’s the way you express yourself, through pictures, colours, fonts and words. When posting high quality content you’ll be perceived as a professional and trustworthy salon. The more interesting and helpful your content is the more likely people will connect with you and your salon. 

Whether you like it or not, design matters. A lot. Don’t risk losing a customer recommending your salon to a friend or a potential new loyal customer just because your website or social media accounts are poorly designed. People today base their opinion on what they see, you have one chance and a few seconds to convince them your website and social media accounts are worth their time. If they don’t like what they find, they won’t hesitate to go back and look for another salon in the ocean of options they have online.  

We know that many salon owners are busy preparing for reopening and arranging new hygiene standards at the salon, so why not let a professional team help you create content and build the online presence your salon deserves? 

If you need a bit of professional help with implementing marketing strategies for your salon, our belief is to go in a step by step process. We specialize in helping salons develop their online presence and we’re always improving salon marketing strategies, and salon branding ideas.

We start off by doing a completely free competitor report to analyse where you currently stand versus your top local competitors.