May 9, 2020 Adam

3 common mistakes to avoid when teaching online

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, e-learning and online courses have boomed. Not only are fitness trainers, martial arts schools and music schools transitioning to online classes, but the education sector and teachers are heavily adopting virtual classrooms. One thing they all have in common is that they’re using several platforms, software and websites to make this new online path an easier transition. We’ve listed a few of these below…

Whether you want to transition from brick and mortar to e-commerce, or from a classroom to online classes, knowing these common mistakes below will be to your advantage when transitioning to online classes and setting up your first online lessons. It’s all a learning curve!

Below we have shared some common mistakes (and solutions) that could save even the most technically skilled teachers from blunders when teaching online.

First Mistake: Not having the equipment needed for online teaching

Camera, lights, action!

Save money and time by recording your classes with your phone or laptop camera, it’s good enough! 

Having a good microphone is more important as there’s nothing more annoying for the listener (and teacher) than having a low quality microphone that’s constantly giving you trouble and bad sound..If your laptop microphone isn’t working as it should, a headset or portable speaker with a built in microphone is good to have nearby.

If you want to record online training videos you’ll definitely want to consider investing in a camera. We’ve gathered some affordable options, you find them HERE is definitely  We’ve listed some affordable camera options in this article.   We recommend buying a good quality camera and a stand if you want to teach art online, do online martial arts training or other sport instruction videos. 

Perhaps more important than the equipment needed for online teaching is your set up at home. Even if you’ve got your lovely desk and have turned your bedroom or kitchen into a home office, make sure it’s tidy, have lots of natural light (if possible) and wear some presentable clothing. Don’t forget having an inspirational work environment is important even more so when working from home!

Second Mistake: Tring to do everything all at once

With many teachers learning to teach online and many new resources becoming available to them, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. One way to stay organised and produce quality content is by perfecting one method at a time. 

Whether it’s online meetings, giving out assignments, audio recordings, instruction videos or live classes, take one step at a time! Step by step, you’ll become more comfortable with each method of creating content and find the ones that are most suitable for you and your students.


When you feel comfortable with using a new learning technique introduce it to your class. Having variety in your course will help motivate students and keep them engaged while learning from home.  Having a variety of material can help students focus and keep them from getting bored or restless. 


When adding assignments or tasks where students can work together, you encourage cooperation as you would do in a classroom. Together with each other (and teachers), students can practise what they learn, interact and share ideas to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. If this works out, not only will you the teacher become more confident with online classes but also your students! 

There are many online teaching tools and resources that make teaching online much easier! Some of these include Easyclass, a platform for online classes, Teachable, a free online platform to create courses on and Seesaw, a great platform which creates a powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and families.

Third Mistake: Spend too much time on design and little details

The time for teachers who want to set up their own online course is here, spread your wings! There has been a huge surge recently in people searching for online lessons so one thing, you must remember is to not get caught up in the little details of design or marketing! If your classes are engaging already, why waste time doing online marketing courses or trying to design the outlook of your course when you can leave that to our team of designers and marketers at Mamma. So you can focus on what you do best, teach and produce creative lessons..

Many teachers only need a bit of design added to their presentation, assignments, videos, website or other material to make them ready for viewers. Our team at Mamma Marketing  charge a very honest price for this, feel free to reach out for a free consultation! However,if you’d like to give design a go yourself we recommend using Adobe Spark, it’s a free design tool where teachers can create videos, visual stories and graphic images. 

For the more technical stuff, if you want to learn about marketing yourself so you can have a larger reach for classes and gain more visibility online  we’re always adding useful tips and advice for all you need to know! For starters, take a look at our recent blog the importance of an online presence for a school to learn some of the benefits from digital marketing for schools.


If you’d like to speak with a member of our team, we’ll put you on the right path by giving you a step by step proposal and we’ll try to share as much information as possible so you can keep your expenses low!

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