• What Information Should A Restaurant’s Website Contain? You’ve probably already heard about why your restaurant needs a website, but if you’re still on the fence, have a look here. Your website is the face of your business online and it should represent you in the best possible way. Here are some elements that every restaurant’s website should include:  Your Menu Your menu is the most important part of your restaurant, so it should be the
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website There’s been some debate as to whether restaurants even need their own website, or if having a social media page is enough. Well, we are here to say that YES having a website is important and it will only become more important. 57% of customers look at a restaurants website before dining there and 40% of people learn about food online, through either a blog, a review
  • Why is social media important for restaurants? We all know how restaurants were being promoted in the last 20+ years – it was through using word of mouth, advertising in the paper or radio, standing outside of the restaurant handing out menus or discount coupons. Well, that time is swiftly changing and is and has completely changed in most big cities. Some business owners still want to use these practices, that’s their choice, but restaurant
  • The Benefits of an Online Presence for a Restaurant Imagine someone searches for a certain type of restaurant in your area or city. Put yourself in the shoes of that potential customer and see if you can find your restaurant in the top five search results when you search for your type of restaurant.  If you are in the top five, look at your content and information and, objectively, think about whether you would decide
  • Why a construction company needs an online presence As a contractor whose clients usually come from previous customers’ recommendation and word of mouth, you may not see the point of investing to much into digital marketing for your construction or renovation company. Still, a lot of your competitors have one. Why do you think they did it? For those who don’t find about you by word of mouth, if you are not available through Google,
  • Why your well located restaurant needs online presence Study has discovered that around 89% of Internet users research restaurants online and that 62% of diners research online before eating out. A great location does not assure your success. Even if your restaurant is in the city center and you have your regular clients, there is still a large number of people who walk by and don’t enter. One of the problems why this happens is
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    “If you build it they will come” is a mantra that can be used for baseball fields, however when it comes to running a restaurant in 2019 an online presence is paramount to your success.  Potential customers will go online, on their phones to find you. You must be there for them when they look. Studies show that people rarely look past the top three restaurants on their google search*.   A strong website that
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    Let’s face it, having high-quality photos and even videos of a restaurant is a must! Not only do people love seeing pictures of yummy food but many customers also make their decisions online.  Restaurants should have photos of signature dishes, their decor and even some behind the scenes photos of their chef on their website, Yelp, TripAdvisor and social media. Here are six reasons why every restaurant needs high-quality photos.   Customers Search for Restaurants
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    Everyday restaurants around the world put up their specials for the day. How many people know about those specials? I went to small university, there were two bars me and friends would go to and it was always 50/50 on which one we would go to. My senior year one of the bars started a twitter account and every Friday afternoon they would post their deals for that night. It swayed our decision on which