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7 ways to promote your business this holiday season

Holiday marketing

It’s almost time for the holiday season. Holiday joy spreads cheer and lifts the winter blues with the festive mood. Families are searching for fun and inexpensive activities to add to the experience. This includes attractive Holiday deals, promotional offers, discounted activities, and more. And they are expecting all this from you, we know it is a lot of pressure, but it is good for business and it is surprisingly rewarding.

Up to 30% of sales revenue is generated over the holidays. This indicates that holiday season shopping is very fruitful. We strongly advise that all businesses use this Festive season to their benefit by running lucrative promotions. Call us if you need more assistance with your holiday marketing. Having stated that, let’s address the critical question: What are the best ways to promote your business over the holiday season?

Let’s go over 7 ways you can promote your business this holiday season:

1.       Gift Cards

Gift cards are an amazing present, especially if you are confused about what to buy someone. You’d be amazed at how many different types of businesses sell gift cards, from beauty salons to eCommerce websites (Amazon) and even furniture stores. So, no matter what industry your business belongs to, gift cards are always a profitable option.

The great part about gift cards is that the investment from your end will be minimum enabling you to grow your clientele. There is a possibility that the recipients of the gift card may subsequently visit you to make a purchase. They might become one of your loyal customers moving forward. If you are looking for a small business promotion, gift cards are great for it. It is a low-risk and investment opportunity for the holiday you would not want to miss out on.

2.       Spread the cheer and get in the Holiday Spirit

Spice up your branding and make it ‘christmas-sy’, you can change up your menu, logo, website, or anything that represents you. This is a great technique and it also ‘humanizes’ you and your business to your customers by being a part of the community. A psychological and extremely effective way of marketing.

Have a look at one of our client’s case studies, MOYO. You can see how we helped them with their social media and marketing. To make the most of the holidays before the pandemonium begins. Why not get a great team to help you this year with your holiday marketing, you can get in touch with us.

3.       Organize and create a client database and collect emails

If you build a database and collect clients’ emails during this holiday season. You’ll find that this has a long-term positive impact on your marketing initiatives. Let’s say you have a new product or service coming out and you want to get the word out. Lo and behold you have an entire customer database you can get in touch with. This will be easier to do because you will witness a spike in your traffic because of the holidays.

4.       Keep Your Social Media Accounts Updated and Relevant

We can’t emphasize this enough, the only way your Holiday specials will get traction is if you stay on top of them. Even with the best and most affordable Holiday deals, if not enough people are aware of them, everything will fall apart.

Promote your Christmas sales and deals on social media, walk the talk, and keep your audience engaged.

5.       Charitable Activities

Surprisingly, a wonderful marketing method to keep your clients interested is through charity, helping, and spreading joy. Since this has more to do with the psychology of people, we won’t go into great detail here. According to a study, 80% of customers truly prefer to spend their money with businesses that are more socially conscious.

6.       Schedule Holiday Promotional Events

Depending on the industry that your business operates in. You can either host online events or in person, they are both effective. You can host events inviting customers to participate in and enjoy. It could even be a holiday giveaway event. Don’t be afraid to experiment and go all in.

7.       Holiday Deals And Offers

This one may sound pretty simple, yet it might be challenging to put into practice. This is because all of your competitors will offer holiday discounts and deals to draw clients. Do not be intimated by this. Promote your business this winter by offering great holiday deals to your customers.

We at Mamma Marketing understand that everyone deserves to enjoy the winter break. If you’re looking for a team to take the wheel for you so you can enjoy holiday season shopping with your family. Contact us and we’ll help you promote your business this Christmas so you can sit back and enjoy the holidays.  

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