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6 Good Examples Of Videos For Your Salon Marketing Strategy

Due to the current pandemic, hairdressers, stylists, and other beauty enthusiasts have taken to making videos online as part of their salon marketing strategy. People with no prior experience have begun taking action by giving great hair styling tips for hair care at home, and building their influence and brand awareness at the same time!


Whether your influence online is notable or you are just starting, everyone can make a difference and help people online, especially hair stylists who are the experts of giving advice for people to maintain their hair or a style at home. There are many benefits of hairdressers and hair salons making videos at home, for you the hairdresser and all types of customers, including loyal, lost and potential customers. Below we have compiled a short list of six examples of inspiring, hair content creators, inexperienced and experienced!

This Youtube channel is brand new and a perfect example of what you can do to boost your online presence. As the Youtube channel name suggests, the channel is run by the owner of Forever Diaz Salon & Spa and senior cosmetologist, Candace Diaz. 

Due to COVID-19, the channel has started making content. One of the goals of their videos is to promote a Quarantine Maintenance Kit, linking viewers to the website shop of the salon in the description. 

They do a brilliant job in creating a calm and relaxing environment in their videos.. The video is filmed in the typical hair salon setting, which gives it that professional vibe as well. 

All in all, although the channel is still small in terms of influence, the video uploaded has a clear purpose, great video quality and provides excellent hair tips which will not be forgotten by any of their customers, whether they’re already loyal, potential or lost customers. Candace Diaz sets a good example of what every salon should aim for when creating quality content to reach their customers online, and is a good example if you are looking for good salon marketing ideas!

Focusing on curly hair care (hence the Youtube channel name), Lisa Moscatelli has managed to already gain a fairly nice following of about 15 000 subscribers. 

In her videos, she focuses on giving curly hair tips in a friendly and approachable fashion, and if there’s a sponsor, it’s listed in the description below her videos. 

In this way, she is able to help people, and at the same time, she has become an influencer on Youtube. 

By simply giving the hair tips you know best, you too can reach an audience that would greatly appreciate your professional hair advice.

This content creator is clear and straightforward when he gives his advice on hair care at home. Products and advertisements for other content that he wants to show is easily found in the description of the video. 

So, if you want to market yourself, don’t be afraid to give hair advice and leave your other socials and links to the products or websites in the descriptions of your videos!

This channel focuses on men’s haircutting tutorials. The titles of the videos are straight to the point and the thumbnails look very professional. 

In the video linked, Lu uses music as the base for his video, and writes step by step instructions on the video itself. In some cases, people prefer to listen to music rather than someone explaining, as everyone speaks at different paces and people comprehend words at different paces as well. 


The video itself is nice to follow, and with displaying text on the video, this makes it easy for the viewer to understand, pause and find which step they were looking for, for example. 

Linked in the videos are products, giveaways, and other social media accounts of this content creator. You can be sure that they are all getting more views and followings because of his videos.

The channel itself seems to have become more active due to the recent pandemic. Overall, the quality of the videos are excellent, and as a result, one of their videos has 5.3 million views despite the channel having only about 35 000 subscribers. 

It really goes to show that even if your following is not that big, you can still gain a large audience if the content is helpful and engaging!

This professional hair salon, Allen Ray Salon, has taken to creating more hair-styling videos and hair cutting tutorials during this pandemic. 

The videos are informative, giving great hair cutting advice and step-by-step tutorials, and they take place in a salon setting to create that nice atmosphere and professional feel. 

Linked in the descriptions of the videos are products used and the other social media accounts of the salon. In summary, this hair salon is creating helpful, inspiring videos for their fans, and their following is gaining lots of momentum (almost 100k subscribers!). This can only be positive for the growth of this salon and brand.

Last but certainly not least, TheSalonGuy focuses on creating hair-cutting tutorial videos, and he has been doing so for quite some time. In his videos, he gives tutorials on cutting hair using mainly mannequin heads. In this way, the videos are focused entirely on the hair cut. 

In the description, the videos are described as step by step tutorials, and as a result, they are designed in a way that they are easy to follow. TheSalonGuy also advertises products, other content, content information and other socials in the description of his videos. His website is also pretty cool, check it out by clicking here.

With about 685k subscribers, TheSalonGuy is by far the most popular influencer on this list. It really goes to show that the more quality content that you have, the more people you will eventually reach. 

To sum up, creating helpful videos and blogs is a very common and effective salon advertisement strategy. It can really expand your reach, grow your business and most of all, help people during (and after) this pandemic.

Don’t be afraid in making a not so professional video, your customers know it’s your first time and will really appreciate your efforts, just you wait and see the feedback! Don’t forget to link in your social accounts in the descriptions, and strive to create quality, relevant and engaging content! 

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