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5 tips for For Selling Services and Products Online

Sell products online

If you’re a small business wondering how to sell services online, it’s worth having a few tips and tricks up your sleeve that you can rely on to get you sales. As a marketing agency specializing in helping small businesses build their online presence, we know the score when it comes to digital marketing. That’s why we made this list of tips for selling products or services online:

  1. Have an online store page on your website

If you’re wanting to sell products online, you’re going to need an online store page. Make sure your page is built properly and is easy to navigate and user friendly. A slow or poorly designed store will not make you many sales.

Check out the ecommerce website we made for Mexican Things, a Mexican food produce online store who saw a drastic increase in traffic and sales once their new, fully SEO optimized website was launched. You can take a look at their SEO case study to see the difference a well designed and properly optimized website made to their business.

  1. Change your homepage banner regularly

Changing the banner on your website regularly allows Google to know that your website is still relevant and up to date. Feature any new products you have available in the banner so that people know about them! This handy tip can really help when it comes to wanting to promote products online or promote services online.

By regularly changing the banner on your website, Google knows your website is being updated and is therefore still relevant. Use this space to feature whatever products or services you’re selling as a way to promote products or services online.

  1. Run retargeted ads

When it comes to how to sell products online, it all comes down to getting the message out there as much as possible to the ideal customers searching for what your business offers. The more people are exposed to your products or services, the more likely they are to purchase them. Retargeted ads show customers ads of products or services they were previously looking at, reminding them to purchase.

  1. Do SEO for your website & products

One of, if not the most important tips is to make sure your website has been optimized for SEO. If it hasn’t, it’s pretty much invisible on the web and won’t be discoverable by people searching for the products and/or services you’re selling. If you’re not sure whether your website is optimized for SEO or not, get in touch and we’ll send you a free SEO report of your website.

Check out the SEO case study of client of ours, Moyo, who now rank second on Google search for important keywords such as ‘sustainable salon Dublin’, ‘eco friendly salon Dublin’ and ‘organic hair salon Dublin’.

  1. Promote your products and/or services on social media

By posting regularly on your social media accounts, you’ll build trust amongst your followers and give them faith in your products and services. It’s important to be consistent and post quality content; if you need help running your social media, let us know. Our specialized social media team can ensure you get the most out of your profiles when wanting to sell services online and use them to actually boost your sales.

For more tips on how to sell services online, get in touch and we’ll help you with how to get your business ranking highly on Google in no time!

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