December 23, 2019 Emma

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website

There’s been some debate as to whether restaurants even need their own website, or if having a social media page is enough. Well, we are here to say that YES having a website is important and it will only become more important. 57% of customers look at a restaurants website before dining there and 40% of people learn about food online, through either a blog, a review app or social media. Here are 5 reasons why every local restaurant needs a website:

1. It Helps People Find You

Arguably the biggest benefit of having a website for your restaurant is that it helps people find you through the use of SEO (search engine optimisation). A well-optimised website can make a huge difference in how many people see you online. In order for your website to rank high, you’ll need to include high-quality content with relevant keywords and make sure that your site is mobile-friendly with a fast load time. To really delve deep into how to increase your website’s SEO, have a look here. 

2. It looks Professional

There’s no way around it, having a beautifully-designed and well-functioning site full of relevant information looks professional. This, in turn, makes your restaurant seem more credible and trustworthy which means…more customers!

3. It Provides Potential Customers with Relevant Information

Many people will want to know as much as possible about a restaurant before choosing to dine there (especially if they follow a strict diet or have any dietary restrictions). A website offers you the chance to display your menu, photos of your food, prices, your contact information, opening hours, and any other information you deem necessary. This information will be of great benefit to potential customers when choosing whether or not to dine at your restaurant. 

4. It Represents Your Brand

Building and designing a website allows you to get creative and tell the story of your restaurant to the world. You can write about what inspired you to open your restaurant, what its mission is, and what makes you unique. You can also choose an appropriate design to represent your restaurant. All of this contributes to the creation of your brand. 

5. It Brings in More Customers

Finally, the most important reason for creating a website for your restaurant: it brings in more customers. Having an SEO-optimised website ensures you’ll be found by more and more people and if your website contains all of the elements mentioned above, hungry customers will simply not be able to resist paying a visit to your restaurant. 

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These are some of the main points that every restaurant should have on their site. However, there are many more things that you could include, for example, blog posts, videos or sample recipes. 

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