April 6, 2020 Alice

4 Tips For Hair Salons While They're Closed During Covid-19

It’s been almost a month since the coronavirus turned the lives of salon owners upside down. Although there isn’t a set date for when things will go back to normal there are certainly ways to make use of the time right now.  

Our research team at Mamma have put together a list of tips for hair salons that they can apply today to increase online visibility, generate income and most importantly gain more new clients when restrictions are loosened and you’re back up and running. Our team found that contrary to what many salon owners believe, now is not the time to stay quiet, but rather to be louder than ever before. 

The salons that use their time right now wisely to take positive actions will be the ones that have more clients than ever when this crisis is over. It’s time to start the preparation! 

Updating your salon's social media channels

People are spending more time than ever online, give them something productive to do! They’re looking for new skills to learn and new things to do while self isolating. Among those things could include recreating salon services at home, to an extent. With clients colouring, treating and even cutting their own hair at home, there is an urgent need for professional instruction…

As an experienced hairdresser, you can help your clients with useful advice on how they safely can do hair and use hair care products at home. Use your social media to post about everything from organic hair products to doing root touch-ups at home. Photos are a nice and easy way to start things off, these will be good for customer engagement. FYI, people love to watch videos and they’re the best for engagement. Some salon owners are making videos from home on how to use products and answering some of those frequently asked questions they’ve been receiving from many customers. These videos are getting excellent feedback as they are helpful and personalised, a great way to increase referrals from your happy customers (who are frequently sharing videos with their friends).

Here are some examples of what salons can post about on social media or on their blogs:

  • Things your customers should not try at home 
  • Maintenance of colour
  • Easy styling techniques
  • Products for hair care
  • Products for colour hair


The most commonly used social media channels for hair salons are Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Salon owners and their stylists are using these platforms to post video tutorials, hair care tips, host Q&A’s between stylists and customers, and so on.

Remember, your followers on these social media channels consist of some of your loyal, new and potential customers, they will see your posts and will appreciate the effort you are making to help people during these bad hair days! This will play a huge part of how busy you will be when you reopen, now is a good time to increase new customers and win back lost customers.

Selling products and gift vouchers online

Customers prefer to buy products online and from the salons they love! Every salon should be offering to sell clients online right now. It’s a great way for you to stay in contact with clients and generate a bit of extra income for the salon. We at Mamma have written an article with tips on how set up an e-commerce site, you can read about it here.

Another way you can generate income for the salon is by creating a page for clients to purchase hairdresser gift vouchers for future servuces. Lots of hair salons around the world are doing this right now and having great success. To find out more about how to set up this service properly and become one of those salons read this article. 

Keeping in touch with clients

Your clients want to hear from you! Keeping in touch with clients, and sending up-to-date info  makes people realise how much they miss going to your salon. The best way to keep in touch is to post useful tips and tutorials online however one other reason is to send customers information about what health and safety measurements your salon will be implementing when you open back up. Many of us will be anxious about the virus when restrictions are lifted to the best thing for your salon to do is to prepare customers on how serious you are taking it, and that everyone’s health is your number one concern. Some people will feel much more comfortable booking an appointment at your salon because they know you are not taking the measures lightly!

No doubt there will be a lot of people in urgent need of appointments when the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Make changes and put in work right now to prepare for that time, there are so many things that can be done! 

Creating a platform for online bookings

When salons get the green light to reopen again there will be many people trying to get an appointment ASAP. One way salons can prepare for those hectic weeks is by including longer opening hours and setting up a salon online booking system, if you don’t already have one.

Having an online booking system is a time saver for both hairdressers and clients. This service is great for clients, saving them time from having to call the salon to find out when there’s a free time slot. By simply using the salon booking system, they will see exactly what times and dates are available with each stylist.

We give you two Options, DIY or leave it to our experts.

  1. Our team is sharing the instructions for salon owners and managers to do these helpful tasks yourself. Take a look through our blogs or sign up to our newsletter.
  2. If you don’t feel up to it, our creative team of content creators, designers and marketing advisors are working on behalf of hair salons in various countries. 

If you're interested in learning more about our recommended services for a salon, check out our bundle of services for your salon at the link below.

Bundle of Services During Covid 19

Stay safe!