June 17, 2020 Adam

3 reasons why your business needs international social media marketing

Globalisation brings many advantages to the table for businesses and marketers targeting customers all over the world. There are more and more businesses competing globally, so it’s important to keep up with the trends. One fast-growing trend is the use of social media, and it’s not slowing down. Social media is the easiest and most cost effective tool for marketing and advertising to your target audience. Global brands who have not yet adapted to using social media for each country they’re located in should be prioritizing social media or they risk losing some of their market share to those competitors who are adapting to ever-changing consumer trends. 

Having an international marketing strategy can help you build your brand and enlarge your reach. This blog lists and explains the three main reasons why your business needs to take advantage of international marketing and why utilizing various social media platforms is a great place to start seeing an ROI.

Expand your reach and your sales

There’s a whole world of potential customers out there. So why should you limit your business to only a couple of countries or languages? International social media marketing is a continually growing trend among businesses with customers in several countries, and they are reaping the rewards. With the rapid development of technology, the internet and social media platforms, it’s considerably easier than it was before when traditional TV, radio, print media and word of mouth were the only options. Nowadays any business who wants to expand globally can sell and send products all over the world, and social media marketing is a cost-effective way of raising brand awareness, engaging with your target audience and ultimately increasing revenue.

After you’ve put so much money, time and effort into developing your products, you should try to make the most out of it. Most businesses develop their product or service by building a loyal customer base locally or nationwide first, but when it’s time to expand into different countries, marketing on social media should be one of your main strategies. The more people who know about your products and the more you know about your target audience, the more you can replicate working marketing approaches to potential customers in other countries, which can lead to scaling quicker by selling more products.    

With an international marketing strategy, it’s easier to promote the most popular products to a greater audience and also have more data available to advertise variations of your product to new audiences. What’s working in one country might not be working in another, and this can be tested through various marketing and advertising strategies. Products that have not performed well in the country you first introduced them to might be your most popular product in another country. Various strategies on social media can be implemented to uncover and test certain products in various countries, you just have to culturally and linguistically engage with different people in different ways.

Test and improve existing content

When introducing your brand and your products to a new audience, you don’t have to start from scratch. You already have content promoting your products and interesting relevant content to engage with potential customers. Reuse your most engaging content and make it better! 

Of course you have to translate it and maybe make some adjustments for each culture, but you don’t have to start from the bottom: test, test and keep improving! Keep in mind that there are many variables to consider when marketing to different cultures and countries; you can’t simply translate everything but should alter it to make sure the overall message is accurate in each language, maintains your brand image and most importantly, is engaging content. Get creative! Having native speakers onboard can really help with that, so if your budget isn’t big enough to hire more people, hire an international marketing agency or a transcreation agency to help you.

Keeping in mind that every country has a different language, culture and social norms. It comes as no surprise that they’re interested in and engage more with different content.

Infinite Opportunities

There are many ways of enlarging your audience and your customers. But instead of spending a fortune on commercials, billboards or hardcopy prints, you can market via social media platforms for only a fraction of the costs. 

One of the biggest benefits of social media compared to traditional methods is that you can test, split test and track results based on real-time data. In simple terms, you can create various ads targeted at the same target audience, see which one works the best, analyse why, improve it and then test again until you’re happy with the engagement levels.

Businesses who want to expand globally can use their marketing and advertising budget more effectively by using social media. The goal is to create the highest quality and creative content which gets the most engagement from your target audience(s) and keeps your business top-of-mind, on their screens…

You’ll always want to look for new and better ways to promote your business and engage with your customers. People of all age groups, millennials, Gen Y and even Gen Z are spending more and more of their lives on social media, so it’s a no brainer for a brand expanding globally to live on these social platforms too! International social media marketing can help you with that, so think about which countries you want to expand into and start marketing, advertising and selling!


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