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makes it easy

with three simple stages for a thriving online presence

Below are the three stages,
What stage is your business in?

First be found on Google,
then be chosen

Get the basics done first. Be found on Google easily with reviews and photos. A website designed and built properly with the foundations of SEO done correctly.

5-12 Weeks

Results within
2-6 Weeks

Be found in the top 3
on Google, engage on
social media

When the basics are complete, start seeing results with real marketing! Implement SEO and actively post on the relevant social media accounts for your business


Results within
10-16 Weeks

Target ideal customers
With personalised ads
& advanced marketing strategies

Reach your audience with personalised ads on social media or with direct marketing strategies with the right message, at the right time

Once-off or Ongoing

Results within
Proven after every campaign

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Stage Three

Moyo Hair and Beauty

This Dublin salon followed the stages and increased the amount of new customers by 20% after only six months.

Stage Two

Icon Fasteners

A business that relies heavily on new customers coming from online needed a full service team to help with all of the important elements to their online presence.

Stage One

Lorraine Fletcher

A niche artist with a loyal client base, ready to attract new customers and connect to a thriving online art community.

All of our clients follow the same steps and stages